Day Eight: Mac Haul – Cham Pale

I’m a Mac Cosmetics lover!!! Especially when it comes to limited collections!!!

But for the last few I didn’t get anything as it had started to get a little boring… A little too similar to other stuff I have or stuff they’ve released before!!!

But when I saw it I knew I’d be getting things from the collection!!! Swatched and a mini review will follow soon



Day 11: What’s in Your Make-up Bag

So here is a photo of the make-up I carry with me!!

A lot of the times I would do my make-up before hand and if I do then the only thing I carry with me is…. Actually its the same lol Just makes it easier to always have it in my bag…. I had a make-up bag but I gave it to me mum!!!

Here is a list of the products above:

MAC‘s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
MAC‘s Venomous Villains’ Limited Range in Evil Queen’s Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair.
Chanel‘s Rouge CoCo Range in Vendome
Dior‘s Rouge Range in Beige Quadrille
Topshop‘s Black Eye Liner Pen
Benefit‘s BAD Gal Liner Waterproof
Lancome‘s Hypnose Mascara
MAC‘s 129SE brush

I just want to talk about some of the products above now, first up is the Mac Beauty Powder. I normally don’t buy Mac’s Beauty Powders as I don’t think the pay off is that good. The only other one I have is the Liberty of London one in Shell Pearl (because I liked the sheen it gave). Surprisingly this beauty powder is pretty good, the colour pay off is pretty good!!!

I always carry two lip sticks with me, a nude and a red. Nudes are wearable all the times!! This Dior one its pretty similar to my natural lip colour but it just gives my lips a little more to it and I really like the texture of it!! Next is a Chanel red, I love wearing reds, especially when I feel like crap as red just makes me pout my lips ^____^ I normally love Mac lipsticks, only because they have such awesome colours but for some reason the lipsticks gives my lips some sort of allergic reaction!! ARRGGGG I have quite a few of their lip sticks as well!! Auh well I’ll stick use them I just shouldn’t wear any lipsticks for the next 3 days LOL

Topshop’s Black Eye Liner Pen is possibly the best eye liner pen I have ever used!!! I don’t know why but I just love it!!! I have used many eye line pens but nothing gives me what I get from this one!!! I was so upset when they had sold out of it for a few months as I have wanted to buy some back up ones!!! But I went in the other day and they had them back in stock, so what did I do? Of course I got more!!!

MAC Pigment Sale!!!!

Hey guys!!!

Just to let you know I am selling some MAC Pigments via Ebay. These are authentic!!! I am selling them in sample pots!!! I have the full size ones but its too much for me to use!!!! Hence why I am selling them in small pots, perfect for those who do not want to splash out on some full size pots of pigment (it can be quite pricey). There are four colours to choose from: Melon, Pink Opal, Blue Brown, Circa Plum!!

Interested??? Visit the ebay ink below!!!

Oh I will be selling other make-up related stuff too!!! And some other junk LOL Need to clear out all my clutter!!!

What HK Was All About!!!

This is a really really late post!!! I went to Hong Kong back in Oct/Nov 2009 and what was I excited about going to HK to get? Was it food? No I’m chinese so the food doesn’t appeal to me. Was it the clothes? No I’m a doesn’t matter if its high street or designer brands, if I like I buy kind of girl. Was it the sights and tourist attractions? No, I’ve been to HK before and seen most of the tourist attractions. So what was it???

It was the beauty and make-up products!!!! I’m asian so I prefer asian brands as I find its more adapted or should I say its more compatible to asian skin. So I just wanted to go and explore more!! I usually just buy loads of products online and try, so I usually end up with quite a few stuff I just give away.

My main priority was face masks, as in the sheet ones! They’re quite hard to get in the UK and I just love them! Its quick and easy to use! I’m not that fussed with what kind of mask it is, as long as it does the job then I’m happy. I use sheet masks once maybe twice a week, it depends what else I’ll be doing in my weekly facial routine (I have my set daily routine as well).

It looks a lot but I assure you it isn’t!!! Was actually quite disappointed that I got so little….. in the end I didn’t have that much time to shop, ended doing things day in day out. *sighssss*

Well I guess its back to me buying online, well at least now I’ll do a little more research before I blindly buy something I’ve not seen or used before. Well my last few buys online have been quite good!!!

MAC Pigment Sample Sized Sale

Hey Guys!!!!

I am current selling some MAC Pigments in Sample Size!! I bought the full sized jars but there is no way I would be able to finish it!! So why not give people the chance to own some!!