Mini Haul From South Korea

A friend of mine recently went back to South Korea and she asked if there was anything I wanted her to bring back for me….. my eyes glistened, they sparkled as if someone had let me loose in a candy store. To be honest usually when someone ask me whether I want anything brought back from Asia, my answer to it usually is ‘nuh there’s nothing I really want or need’ but this time there were a few things I actually wanted so naturally I said ‘YES PLEASSSSSSSE’.

It was only a few thing…. I’m not greedy XD.

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Gmarket Haul: Etude House

So recently I decided to do a Gmarket haul, only because its the cheapest place for me to gorge on Etude House products!

Here is the box, its a little (ok quite) battered!

As you can see my package did get stopped at customs…. ARRGGGG I’m not so fussed about the VAT charge its the bloody parcel force charge thats a BITCH!! They charge that MUCH just because they pay for you first!!

Upon opening it….. All my goodies!!!!

It looks a lot but I can assure you once I start unpacking them… its not so much… not a lot at all…

My Etude House haul:

See how there really isn’t much at all!!!!

It was like my freebies were just as much!!! How can you tell something was a freebie on Gmarket if you can’t read Korean? Well if everything matches up with your order and you have extra stuff!!! LOL On Gmarket sometimes there is an option to choose your freebie… but of course I can’t read Korean so I’m just guessing. With Etude House a lot of the times they give you freebies but some of their products also advertises with a Gift.

My freebies:

Quite a bit right???? That mini travel set Etude House gave me was the set I debated getting instead of the one I actually so WOOOHOOO for that!!