Day Twenty Nine: Lycee Freshness

Got my new eye drops through the post today!!!! I recently bought Rohto’s Lycee Eyedrops For Contacts, why? Pretty much due to the cute packaging (I know it was girlie of me), and that I read it was pretty good. I bought the eyedrops for contacts as I only intend to use them while wearing my contacts as I don’t usually use eyedrops if I’m not wearing them…. don’t ask why I just don’t.

I got these for about £6 online, you can just google Rohto Lycee Eyedrops for Contacts, if you’re interested and just fish around for a decent price. If you’re in London, I know theres a store in China Town that sells it for £8.99 (I think its a decent price, of course it’ll be cheaper if you can get it directly from Asia.

I’ve not used it yet, so i can’t really give a comment on how they feel once used…. I’ll update when I do use it.

[NOTE] I know in America they sell Rohto Eyedrops (not sure about the UK, I’ve not seen it in drugstores) but those are different to the Japanese Rohto Eyedrops as I think they American ones have methol and boric acid in them, which can sting a little or cause some sort of sensation to the eyes.


Day Twenty Seven: Gu Mi Ho’s Drink!!!!

Who watched the Korean drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Nine-tailed fox)?? Do you remember the drink that Gu Mi Ho (that was the name Lee Seung Gi’s character gave Shin Min Ah’s character) was obsessed with??? The one she always tried to get???

Well today I drove to the Korean Market (its a supermarket) in south London today and saw this can of drink and thought it looked familiar and then it hit me!!! It was the drink of  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!!! So I bought it just for that reason!!!

First I saw just Korean writing so at this point I don’t know what kind of drink it is, I’m just getting because it was in a drama I liked! Then I turn the can and guess what is there!!! ENGLISH writing WOOOOOO

BUT….. it says Chilsun Cider and I’m like what….. as in my dictionary Cider is an alcoholic beverage typically made from apples. So I thinking this can’ t be alcoholic!!! Its so easy to get hold of, kids can buy it!!!!

When I got home, first thing I did was Google (yes, as my 外公 would say ‘just ask Google’) it and there were various links but the one I went to was the one on (and as much as my teachers and lecturers hated the site I love it!) and it told me that Cider in Korean was a “sweetened carbonated drink similar to Seven Up or Sprite”. But in my eyes a sweetened carbonated drink could be any flavour…. but I’m guessing its that the actual drink I bought is a lemon-lime flavour.

Day Twenty Six: Big Eyes Here I Come

Ok so this doesn’t really relate to today as I received the my Circle Lens on Monday….. But I wore them today!!!

I ordered three pairs, Geo’s Hurricane Brown, Black CK-105 and the Geo Ash Wing ones!!!
I didn’t order them for the circle/doll effect, I ordered them as cheap contact lenses, I use daily lenses usually as I like my glasses but sometimes they just get in the way! Like when you go watch a 3D movie and then you have to put in the lenses (ok I don’t like wasting them!!).

So anyways here’s a picture.. I had opened the Ash Wing ones before I took a picture so its not in the picture but will post another post with them on!

Day Twenty Five: OHHhhh My Nose

My brother asked me the other if I knew of any creams of any remedies that actually reduce acne. I thought about it and there are loads of ‘methods’, but do any of them actually work and most are really down to the person.

I remember reading somewhere some time ago that With Hazel is a really good and cost ineffective method. So I thought I’ll get a bottle when I happened to be in my local drug store.
I have the odd break out and pimple every now and thing so I thought I could use it when it happens (just in time as I’ve had a massive break out!).

I opened the bottle put some on a cotton pad and brought it towards my face….. OH THE SMELL!!!!! Its so bad!!!!! I can’t stand it at all!!!
I’m hoping I’ll get used to it as I use it!

Day Twenty Four: Long Time No See

Arrrggggg delayed again!!! Forgot to post it!!!

Went to St.Thomas’ Hospital today, no don’t worry it wasn’t for myself! Then headed to Covent Garden for a little shopping trip, happened to be messaging a friend and he said he’ll be in central around 4pm-ish and if I was still around let’s meet up, since I had not seen him in donkey years!!!

So hear is a picture of him…. Taking a picture of me…. (he’s such a loser!)

Day Twenty One: Purity Made Simple

Sorry its delayed!!! I had written the post on my Black Berry…. but completely forgot to post it!!!!

I had recently bought Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser, I’ve heard some/read some good things about it and because it was a relatively new brand/products they were not available in the UK (as usual) but the other day I happened to pop into John Lewis on Oxford street and I saw a Philosophy stand!!!! I was pretty much like OMG!! I had to go and get the cleanser!!!! Tried it out in the store on the back of my hand and it felt good!!! Can’t wait to start using it!