NEWS: Origins’ Earth Month – Trade-In Day

Origins the beauty and skincare brand is known for their use of Natural ingredients in their products and their GREEN commitment (helping the environment through the use of ethical, Earth and Animal friendly packaging, practices and policies).

Its that time again for Origins’ Earth Month, from 18th April to 24th April every skincare product bought from Origins, they will plant a Tree for Free.

In 2009 Origins started their Return to Origins recycling program, this was a first of its kind program in which you can bring any empty skincare and beauty containers, pots, jars and etc to ANY Origins counter, and it will be sent to a central location to be recycled or to be used for energy recovery.  Why? Well most cosmetic and beauty packaging is made from hard to recycle materials, not that it cannot be recycled  but that it is more difficult to, and with this program it just makes it easier than just throwing your empty containers away.

In an industry first, Origins will accept packaging from any cosmetic company regardless of the manufacturer. We believe that the more we collect from consumers, the more we can keep cosmetic packaging out of landfills. And we hope this program will encourage other companies into following our example.

Credit: Origins website

The above quote from their website just sums up the program and whats makes it better is that they will accept any Brand!!

As a Bonus, Origins will also be treating everyone who takes part in the program to a complimentary full size moisturiser, either the ‘Starting Over age-erasing moisturiser’ or ‘A Perfect World SPF25 age-defense moisturiser’ (both worth over £30)

I must stress that this is a good cause program and not an opportunity to trade in some cheap arse cream you bought in the £1 shop, emptied and exchanged for a Origins product!!!!

So when does this take place? Saturday 21st April …… Where?? Any Origins counter.


What HK Was All About!!!

This is a really really late post!!! I went to Hong Kong back in Oct/Nov 2009 and what was I excited about going to HK to get? Was it food? No I’m chinese so the food doesn’t appeal to me. Was it the clothes? No I’m a doesn’t matter if its high street or designer brands, if I like I buy kind of girl. Was it the sights and tourist attractions? No, I’ve been to HK before and seen most of the tourist attractions. So what was it???

It was the beauty and make-up products!!!! I’m asian so I prefer asian brands as I find its more adapted or should I say its more compatible to asian skin. So I just wanted to go and explore more!! I usually just buy loads of products online and try, so I usually end up with quite a few stuff I just give away.

My main priority was face masks, as in the sheet ones! They’re quite hard to get in the UK and I just love them! Its quick and easy to use! I’m not that fussed with what kind of mask it is, as long as it does the job then I’m happy. I use sheet masks once maybe twice a week, it depends what else I’ll be doing in my weekly facial routine (I have my set daily routine as well).

It looks a lot but I assure you it isn’t!!! Was actually quite disappointed that I got so little….. in the end I didn’t have that much time to shop, ended doing things day in day out. *sighssss*

Well I guess its back to me buying online, well at least now I’ll do a little more research before I blindly buy something I’ve not seen or used before. Well my last few buys online have been quite good!!!

MAC Pigment Sample Sized Sale

Hey Guys!!!!

I am current selling some MAC Pigments in Sample Size!! I bought the full sized jars but there is no way I would be able to finish it!! So why not give people the chance to own some!!