Just a quick post as I’m going to set out for work soon!!!

WOOOOOOO 2NE1 are back!!! Below is their music video for one of the title songs ‘Clap’

The MV isn’t bad, nothing amazing, the start somewhat reminds me of ‘Fire’‘s street MV but who cares its about the song!!

Its a very 2NE1 song!! I quite like, different from current mainstream Kpop but then again thats the kind of music 2NE1 will get!!

I know I’m going to get all this hate message from (I was once infamous on youtube for being anti-Dara apparently… then again it doesn’t help when I don’t deny the fact that I think Dara should never have been in 2NE1) this but I must STRESS I am very PRO-YG I have ALWAYS BEEN!!!! I just don’t like people who can’t sing take up all the singing slots!! Yes its Dara again!! Teddy has hit that big fat AUTO-TUNE button for her ¬______¬ Seriously Dara is just an average singer, nothing special but not really bad!! But why does she get a lot of singing time in Clap???? Now we have Park Bom amazing voice, amazing vocal talent and shes just at the chorus, I get that the chorus is the main bit the bit that everyone will get hooked on to….. but to only give her that bit is NOT RIGHT!!!!!

I’ve not listened to the rest of the album yet, so of course I will comment on it!! Oh just to let you readers know, I will be posting a LOT of 2NE1 posts compared to other Kpop stuff, this is because I like them hence why I will criticise them more or rave more about them!! I’m a fan with a mind, I won’t just say ALL GOOD stuff about them!!! If it aint good it will be said as well!!! Thats what true fans are!


Let Me Clear This Up

Following my earlier blog entitled “The One Where….Dara Fans Are A Disgrace to 2NE1“, I just felt I should clear some things up. Maybe it’s because some people were starting to get the wrong idea of the blog.

It was more of a rant, I know there are a lot of people who actually dislike Dara but at the time of the rant [blog] it was solely my opinion on defensive Dara fans. Not about antis or critics. I wanted to somewhat open peoples minds and ears that as much as you may like Dara there is no need to be rude to those who do not like her. Whatever the reason maybe there should be no need to be rude. I am not saying I support those who speaking negatively about Dara but I don’t have to always agree with those who defend her. As long as I know I support her I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Yes its  not nice reading something negative about an artist you like but attacking with comments that are personal is just not nice.

I see the ‘you’re jealous because Dara is talented and you’re not’ or the ‘just because Dara is famous and you’re not’.

Tell me what is the definition of Talent? The person who can:

  1. Sing and dance
  2. Play 5 different instruments
  3. A successful accountant
  4. A mathematical Genius

So tell me? I would say all are talented, talented in their own way. Because one person cannon sing and dance does not make them talentless.

In regards to the ‘Dara is famous and your not’. I actually think that I am a better singer that quite a few artists in this world, such as Dara [yes I do think I am LOL], HyunAh, Sohee, Twins, Hotcha [and pretty much most HK singers], but I’m not famous…. why? because I do not strive to be famous, becoming famous or a celebrity is not what I want to do.

I’m just using myself and an example. There are people in the world who do NOT STRIVE TO BE FAMOUS.

Ok so another negative post about things relating to Dara you may really start to think I don’t like her LOL. No she is not my fav in 2NE1 [Park Bom and CL are] but I do like her and I do see the purpose of her being in the group.

I do agree, if she wasn’t in the group, 2NE1 might be a little dull, yes Park Bom is funny but she isn’t openly funny [I didn’t know how funny she could be until I watched her on 2NE1 TV]. Dara likes to be funny [somewhat like the class clown], she likes to do gags which of course would be a hit on korean TV. It’s a shame 2NE1 doesn’t go on variety shows because sending out Dara to the shows would gain them some good exposure.


The One Where….Dara Fans Are A Disgrace to 2NE1

Yes you read right, I think [I’m not saying all of you Dara fans] but a number of Sandara Park’s fans are a disgrace to 2NE1 and even Dara herself.

I’m a lurker on youtube and I find it fascinating  when I see how users on youtube get very defensive when there are other users who post negative comments about Dara. I’ve noticed there are always 2 or 3 users that is constantly posting comments which contain how weak of a member Dara is in 2NE1.

I agree, I think Dara is the weakest member of the group and that she is only really there because she is pretty and she has a variety show personality. She is the member that can talk and answer questions. I agree when I see comments such as: ‘she is not very good at singing live, her range isn’t good’ and etc.

The majority of Dara’s fans will probably read a negative comment and think ‘oh well this person disagrees so what’, but there are a number of fans who will respond to another user’s negative opinion with some personal comments. It’s like they cannot take criticism, but it’s not even aimed at them.

These Dara fan users start calling those negative commenter names and what not. It really gives those negative commenter the upper hand as they always reply in a civil manner, if anything with politeness. Then these Dara fans will always come back with a rather unintelligent and un-thought through comment or argument [whichever you prefer].

I read them and as much as I would like to disagree with the negative commenter, I can’t help but want to defend them as these Dara fans are really digging themselves a grave and only givning themselves [as Dara fans and even 2NE1 fans] a bad name.

To point out, I often notice a certain user on youtube who has negative comments of Dara but is actually a huge 2NE1 fan, being called a anti or a basher just because of the Dara negative comments. I like to ask the question: What makes you think that user is a anti? Is it because of a little negative comment? I would say its constructive criticism because that user has high expectations of 2NE1 and maybe feels that Dara somewhat lets them down.

Well this is my point of view but I do have one thing to say:



2NE1 2nd Performance

Above is a clip of 2NE1’s second performance on SBS’s Inkigayo.

As usual I have posted a comment on it and as usual I’m expecting some thumbs down and some users trying to retaliate my opinion, they always do. What don’t people understand? An opinion is an opinion. You can say all that you want to me but I will hit back with a good response [if I was easily swayed then my original opinion wasn’t very defined].

Ok back to what I actually think:

This was a much better performance than their debut as there were no mic problems and members at least sung ALL their parts. The debut performance a member or two [sanadara mainly] sung bits and pieces and it sounded really patchy [horrible infact].

Sandara Park for this performance at least sung the whole of her part and they tuned down the backing [so it meant she had to sing or you could really tell if she didn’t]. The question is Was she any good? My answer….. No she wasn’t good, it was like she was talking… but badly.

CL GREAT as usual, very good choice as the leader. Minji I like too, shes got this vibe to her that I like. Park Bom shes actually so much more better than what shes singing her… the parts shes given in the song doesn’t do her justice.

2NE1 – Fire MV!!

The Full MV is now out!! 2Version a Street Version and a Space Version

Street Version

I love GD in the few seconds hes got in the MV!! As soon as I saw him I was like ‘GD looks like a crazy man’!!!

Space Version

I prefer the Street Version, too much going on in the Space Version. I don’t really like the outfits in both versions. I’ve made a few comments on You-tube and I’ve gotten some thumbs down LOL [not that I’m surprised about it]. Itsconstructive criticism!!! Its the best way to show that you’re a fan and that you’re supporting them. I just don’t get how ‘fans’ have nothing negative to say. I suppose I just pin pointed Sandara and she does have quite a few supporters but some users were, shall I say seem somewhat blinded by the sheer fact that because they like her or 2NE1 they can do no wrong. I must stress the fact that I am not a hater, I have been a YG supporter for quite a number of years now and I will continue to be.



The 1:10 preivew came out!



Ok so the video above is the 50 something second preview of 2NE1’s debut digital single. For those who don’t know 2NE1 is the new female group from korean entertainment company YG [they bought us 1TYM, Jinusean, Se7en, Big Bang and etc]. Big Bang brings out the fan girl in me big time! So I took notice when YG said they were going to bring in some new female artists [specifically Kim May Doni, who ended up leaving YG before debuting].

I’m liking the sound of their debut song already and I sure it will be a hit. I just had hoped that when the rumor of a 5th member was around that it was true as I think they need another vocalist. Park Bom is good but I’m not so sure about Sandara Park and Minji singing…. they’re probably good but nothing wow. If only May Doni hadn’t left YG, she would for sure had been lead vocals [though I do think its a shame to waste her in a group, but the korean music industry, its hard to make it as a young soloist].

Credit: serpatine, elaisvip, cookieMuncher, saintpolar @ YGS21. Sub Credit: TheYGsecret