C AllStar: Cpop’s Newest Star?

2010 saw Cantonese Pop bring out a new group C AllStar. Of recently years I’ve not been a big fan of canto pop as in my eyes a lot of artists (if that’s what you call them) are just not good singers… they don’t even need to be good at least hold a note, but unfortunately most can’t even do that.
I prefer the oldies such as Jacky Cheung, Sammie Cheng, Leo Ku and etc. Yes these artists are active but they’re not new meat.
The newer artists in my Canto selection are artists such as Raymond Lam and G.E.M to name a few (seriously a few), I know they’re not new but to me they are new meat.

So C AllStar, a four member boy group made up of members King, Jase, On仔 and 釗峰 are an A cappella group (taken from their wiki page).

There is only so much I can blog from my blackberry.


A-Lin 黃麗玲 – 給我一個理由忘記

I’m loving this song from A-Lin’s new 寂寞不痛 album!!!! Its so good, its so emotional that my eyes will get teary!!!



雨都停了 這片天灰什麼呢
我還記得 你說我們要快樂
深夜裡的腳步聲 總是刺耳
害怕寂寞 就讓狂歡的城市陪我關燈
只是哪怕周圍再多人 感覺還是一個人
每當我笑了 心卻狠狠的哭著

給我一個理由忘記 那麼愛我的你
給我一個理由放棄 當時做的決定
有些愛 越想抽離卻越更清晰
而最痛的距離 是你不在身邊 卻在我的心裡

當我走在去過的每個地方 總會聽到你那最自由的笑
當我回到一個人住的地方 最怕看到冬天你最愛穿的那件外套
只是哪怕周圍再多人 感覺還是一個人
每當我笑了 心卻狠狠的哭著

給我一個理由忘記 那麼愛我的你
給我一個理由放棄 當時做的決定
有些愛 越想抽離卻越更清晰
而最痛的距離 是你不在身邊 卻在我的心裡

我找不到理由忘記 大雨裡的別離
我找不到理由放棄 我等你的決心
有些愛 越想抽離卻越更清晰
而最痛的距離 是你不在身邊 卻在我的心裡

Khalil’s Timeless Pieces

I know I’ve said I’ll be posting my reviews on Nicholas Teo & Tank’s new albums, but I was listening [still am listening to it] to Khalil Fong’s new albumso I thought I might as well do it now. My reviews are generally wishy washy though hahahahaha

This I believe is the sixth album, well I’m not sure you can say its a sixth album as its more like a special? a compilation? anyhow its a new album.

The album is called ‘Timeless’ and its full of covers that traces musical inspirations, its songs that he grew up listening to and songs that encouraged and influenced him to become who he is today. He always had the plan to release a cover album ever since he debuted in 2005 and now was the time for it.

The album consist of ten songs, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and even Spanish.

01. You Are The Sunshine of My Life feat. 黃韻玲 (O.S. Stevie Wonder)
02. Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You (O.S. Glenn Medeiros)
03. Bad (O.S. Michael Jackson)
04. Kwang Chiu 狂潮 (O.S. 關菊英SusannaKwan)
05. La Bamba (O.S. Ritchie Valens)
06. Red Bean 紅豆 (O.S. 王菲 Faye Wang)
07. Georgia on My Mind (O.S. Ray Charles)
08. Remember 記得 (O.S. 張惠妹Amei Chang)
09. Wonderful Tonight (O.S. Eric Clapton)
10. Moon River (O.S. Andy William)

Looking that the track list, he really does have a good sense of music doesn’t he?

Its a lovely album, he rearranged all the songs and made it his own without losing the originality of the song. I particularly his version of Faye Wong 王菲’s Red Bean 紅豆, Glenn Medeiro’s Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You and Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight. The originals of these songs I really like anyway and Khalil’s version did not let the songs down.

Also I think [please correct me if I’m wrong] its the first time he has actually recorded a song in Cantonese right? As in put a Cantonese song on his album?

I give the album a 9.5/10 => a must listen. Why not 10/10? I can’t be that biased!! LOL


113 Cella the Place Where Will Always Gets Drunk

Its a Saturday night [28th] and I’m heading towards 113 Cella in Chancery Lane, I’m heading towards there because my friend William is celebrating his 23rd birthday (celebrating it very very late). I bumped into a few people I knew along the way (they had just came from 113), just did a quick catch up, by the time I got outside 113;  I can see some of my friends having  ‘talk’ with the bouncer LOL The manager was outside as well! I’m thinking ‘WTH happened!’ Well it was just a misunderstanding in the end. Got a room and blah blah blah Sel again ended up singing most of her songs! [yes I got the SEL MAN so selfish just singing your songs! I’m sorry but I put them in and waited for it, not my fault you don’t wanna sing chinese songs!]

This is how you sing 海闊天空!!

There was also this really drunk dude at 113 as well and I dunno how it happened but som of the guy befriended him andhe came into our room and it was just a laugh though he was a bit weird…. He was really drunk! Giving some of my [male] friends kisses on the cheeks and etc!