The Awesomeness of Taeyang!!!

Audio versions of Taeyang’s ‘I’ll Be There’ has been released (or leaked I dunno which it is!) and its frigging AWESOME!!!

Both the Korean and English, YES ENGLISH versions are out!!! I love both versions its awesome!! Oh for those who don’t know (where have you been), I’ll Be There is the title track for Taeyang’s international album! The album which will be available to buy in stores (I’m assuming predominately on-line stores) and iTunes.

So here it is! Both the English and Korean versions! (Lyrics for the english version below both vids!)

I`ll Be There (English Version.)

We’ve been through ups and downs no doubt
So many times we’ve had it out
Some foolish things we’ve realized
Think back and have to laugh it out

But that’s what makes us so strong
Lo-lo- lovin’ so strong
We roll deep in every way
De-de-de- deeper baby-babe

I got your back believe me
You got my back it’s either way
When rain or thunder comes along
Just keep your faith in me

You are so beautiful – beautiful
Wo-wo- wonderful – wonderful
See my dream of you and me
Began the day we met, yeah!

Some people give up what they have
They run-run-run

That aint ‘gon be our situation
You’re the one-one-one

Girl you’re my queen in my heart ‘n soul
I’m never letting you go
I’ll be… there!
You know that…

I’ll be there…

Spring, summer, fall
Winter’s cold

I’ll be there… be there
To protect you my baby

I’ll be there…

All here for you is where i
Wannna be

Some haters try to get us down
But they aint got a clue about
Our love and how that we belong-long
So-so right it can’t be wrong
They’ve called me dangerous-dangerous
Yet they’re killing ki-killing us
We don’t need your shady ways
That negativity, yeah!

Some give up what they have
They go and run-run-run

That aint ‘gon be our situation
You’re the one-one-one

Girl you’re my queen in my heart ‘n soul
I’m never letting you go
I’ll be there!
You know that…

I’ll be there…

Spring, summer, fall,
Winter’s cold

I’ll be there… be there
To protect you my baby

I’ll be there…

All here for you is where i
Wannna be

My life without you is no life
No one can replace all your
Sweetness inside
I’m so down for you
And you know it’s true
You’re my love… oh oh…

Credits: YBmania (lryics) & jenningyou@Youtube

TaeYang – Wedding Dress

TaeYang’s Wedding Dress music video came out today and do I love it? Well of course I do!!! How can you not!! [Yes I am in fan girl mode so whatever you say won’t matter to me].

Ok ok lets be fair now, Wedding Dress is a really nice easy to listen song. I really like the melody, the piano part and then the beat in the background does goes well.

Do I prefer it to Where U At? Well yes I do, Where you at was too, how should I say it ‘common’? No that doesn’t sound right, more like songs in that type of field sound similar. Not saying Wedding Dress sounds one of a kind, but it s more of its own song. I really do like the piano part, its not just in the background supporting the other sounds, its the other sounds supporting the piano part. Its just a really nice song, TaeYang has a great voice, not that the song particular shows off his vocal as I think he so much more to give, vocal wise.

Lets talk about the music video, it actually has a proper story to it. What I mean by that is that not many YG videos habe a clear cut story, this one does and its a good one too. You’re typical 3friends [two guys and a girl], of course both guys like the girl but only one gets the girl.

In the first half of the video you see scenes of TaeYang and the girl, thinking it is past memories of their good times, but as the music video progresses you realise it was never their past memories of the good times, of the times when the were together/as a couple. As the other male friend is actually there too, so it ended up being of times of them hanging out as friends [though the other guy and girl were probably together]. So its pretty much a one sided love from TaeYang, though through the scenes you could feel he always wanted to take their friendship a step further but the other guy always came into the scene, stealing this thunder.

How well will the song do? I’m hoping it will do as good as ‘Only Look at Me’ but the competitiveness of the market is ridiculous at the moment and with 2PM making a comeback during the same time maybe TaeYang will forever get number2. Though if I am honest, even though I like 2PM  alot ‘Heartbeat’ isn’t really that good, even 10 out of 10 was better. Seriously it really isn’t, I didn’t like the rap at the start, the melody wasn’t strong enough, the song didn’t allow the members to sing, and we know 2PM has singers who CAN sing.

credit: BabyB0ngaholic



Ok nothing new but I just haven’t had the time to blog about it…. As most of you will know already that in Kpop ‘Big Bang (빅뱅)‘ are pretty much the only group that can bring out a little fan girl in me ^_____^ Yes I have a huge Noona soft spot for the boys ^____^ Though that doesn’t mean to say I’m biased when giving an opinion on  their music (ok maybe a little).

They’ve finally released a single in Japan in japanese!!! Wooooo [Candle doesn’t count as it was just a bonus track]. Its not an unfamiliar song as its just a Japanese version of ‘Heaven’ [track 3 on the 3rd mini album Stand Up in Korea] entitled ‘My Heaven’

credit: xxcinnyxx @ youtube

Couldn’t find the MV for some reason….. must be because all the copyright stuff going on.

Love the song!! Loved the korean version and I think it sounds better in Japanese though a lot of people would disagree. If BB’s Japanese was better if would be even better!! But I love it!! ^____^

credit:  xxcinnyxx @ youtube

Second song from the ‘My Heaven’ single entitled ‘Emotion’

It reminds me a lot of Lady GAGA‘s ‘Poker Face‘ but before you agree and figure point this song is produced by ‘RedOne‘  [RedOne production discography <– click].

Rumor has it that a english version will be released by the boys for an Europe & USA debut later this year. My view on it: hm….. Not too sure about it to be honest, just take a look at Se7en, YG didn’t do a good enough job with him though I think he had the most potential to break the western market out of the others (BoA, Utada, Wonder Girls and Rain). I think the only upper hand Big Bang has is that the song is very in trend at the moment, the world is going crazy about that style of music. Either way I will support them and will buy it!!!

[Note: I’ll blog about Wonder Girls in another blog]

Lastly Big Bang’s next Japanese single ‘Gara Gara GO!!’ (ガラガラ Go!!)’ Released 8th July 2009

credit: YGEntertainment – Sub-credit: BigBangiVIP @ Youtube

Its the MV for it WOOOOOO Not sure how long it’ll work as copyright laws seem to be working a whole lot faster these days!!! The song I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as well!!! ^____^ It sounds like a sound they would release in Korea as well but with a bit more of an edge to it. BB are ever moving forward with their music and thats why I love them!! ^____^ FAN GIRLS SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


This is Taeyang and TOP’s song entitled ‘Friend’. An OST for the new MBC Drama ‘Friend, Our Legend’ starring Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon and Suh Do Young.

Love this song as well!! Like I’ve mentioned aboved [BB are ever moving forward with their music] this song is so different from Lies, Sunset Glow, Gara Gara Go!! , Haru Haru, With U and etc But if you think about it all their songs are so different, they’ll never really just stick to one thing and that what I like about them!! They can pull it off as well!!