Anime Alert: Shokugeki no Souma 食戟のソーマ

I’ve realised that I have rarely blogged about any anime or manga…. and that’s strange considering that it’s such a big part of my LIFE!!! I’m a self proclaim ‘Otaku’, I loveeeee my anime and manga!! Ok so in the last five years I have kinda stopped watching anime, well its more accurate to say I only watch ones that strongly interest me! However I read a TON of manga… nothing better than my imagination to visualise it!

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Beauty & Skincare: Empties


It’s a lot of empties isn’t it?? Just to be clear these empties I have collected for a while as there is no point in writing a post for just one empty, used up product.

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First Look: Pinocchino 피노키오 (K-Drama)

SBS’s new Wednesday – Thursday primetime drama is the highly anticipated ‘Pinocchio’ starring ‘Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye’. These two are among South Korea’s hottest young actors and actresses and I’m not just talking about looks.

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So today releases some official movie posters for Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 (for those who still do not know what Shingeki is that would be Attack on Titan, I call it using the Japanese name) which also helps place some of the confirmed actors and actresses with the roles that they will be playing.


Drama Review: Love At Second Sight 一見不鍾情 (C-Drama)

I have been waiting for Love at Second Sight 一見不鍾情 since 2011, why? It’s because this is some highly anticipated drama or anything of the sort but for one reason… .Rainie Yang 楊丞琳!! My love for Rainie is just that real!! Hahaha… no I am not some stalker who idolises Rainie, I loveeeeee her everything she touches turns to gold in my eyes, such as I never really did like Show Luo 羅志祥 but since they acted together in Hi My Sweetheart I quite like him hahaha and did want them to still be a couple (apparently they only dated for four months) but except when she dated Prince 王子 I still do not really like him (don’t think he is as good looking everyone makes him out to be), he is not good enough for my Rainie!!. There are certain people or artists in different countries or across the globe that I just like, it doesn’t matter if they are crap at singing or acting I just like them!! Its probably because these people that I like are really nice people in real-life! My sister would say Rainie is my “Taiwanese girlfriend” I also have a girlfriend in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea ^_____________^

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First Look: My Secret Hotel (K-drama)

This week tvN, airs its new drama called My Secret Hotel starring Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and Nam Goong Min.

tvN is the cable network that brought you dramas such as:  Replay 1997, Replay 1994, Queen In Hyun’s Man, I Need Romance 1,2&3, Dating Agency Cyrano and Flower Boy series just to name a few. In the last year or so tvN has made a name for it self with these dramas. They are different from the dramas from the Big 3 tv networks, you can say they have been trend setting and stepping outside the box. Maybe it is because its a cable channel, that they are able to do more, dare to show and talk about topics generally deemed not suitable or fitting for mainstream TV.

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What’s Inside: MEMEBox’s LUCKYBox #1

My second box from MEMEBox has arrived and its the re-stocked version of the LUCKYBox #1. In this particular box there were eight products, which means it was a mix of full sized and sample sized products all for the awesome price of $23.00!!! Thats right $23 USD! So its roughly £13/£14 pounds BARGAIN!!!! Of course that price is excluding shipping like all the other beautybox brands, but then again you don’t get as many products and the even the sample sized products are a pretty good size!

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Anime Alert: Haikyūū!! ハイキュー!!

My new segment!!!! O___o OMG!!! hahaha If you’re a follower of this blog you’ll realise that I can be a bit lazy when it comes to updating this but when it’s regarding something I am enthusiastic about I will definitely bog about it! I absolutely love my anime and manga!!

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Just over a month ago I discovered a new beauty box called MEMEBox, what makes it different is that its a beauty boxed with just Korean products. I have previously subscribed to Glossybox andBirch boxin the UK, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting them on a monthly basis but towards the end of 2013 I just decided I wasn’t using the products enough to justify getting them on a monthly basis.

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