After School vs T-ara Pt.1: After School

I suppose they aren’t really going against each other as After School has already started to perform, then again I’m expect T-ara to start performing this week.

After School and T-ara’s come back MVs were released not too long ago and then it was followed by a single [from After School] and an album [from T-ara].

After School’s title single is a song called “너 때문에 Because Of You” and at first listen I loved it. Having already released singles like ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ [produced by the Brave Brothers] I was expecting something else along those lines. ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ were never really (in my eyes) good songs, they were catchy songs but they still lacked something. They were just songs to get them noticed, with half of the group in their late 20s/early 30s and half in their early 20s I suppose it was kind of hard to find something for the group to do.

With ‘Ah’ they tried the sexy route, and with ‘Diva’ they did the more cutesy look [I reckon Diva was only there because of the introduction of UEE, shes pretty young, I know beckha is young but she does carry with her that young vibe, she doesn’t ‘use’ like UEE does]. ‘Because of You’ to me is a song that finds that balance, you can’t go wrong with a RnB ballad.

With the introduction of two new members, Nana and Raina [So-Young left the group], I was eager to see how well they could sing [In my eyes only Jung Ah could sing really well, Ga-hee isn’t bad but she is better at rapping]. Nana she looks and sounds like your typical squeaky japanese girl. Raina on the other hand, can sing and she is pretty good from what I have heard so far. She helps Jung Ah lighten the burden [Jung Ah has pretty much had to do all the singing bits or support when it’s not ‘her’ part], but in ‘Because of You’ it’s like Raina got all the singing bits now LOL.

‘Because of You’ is another track done by The Brave Brothers [I’m starting to think if he/they are working for Pledis now] and I’m really surprised you don’t get many songs like this for them, it’s very good. Its a catchy song but not catchy in a cheesy pop way, catchy in a good way. Lets hope they get the success this song deserves.

credit: AfterSchoolCraze

The MV would have been pretty good if they didn’t add in the little homosexual love. That just made the MV a little weird. They should have just stuck to the simple male/female relationship gone bad.


TaeYang – Wedding Dress

TaeYang’s Wedding Dress music video came out today and do I love it? Well of course I do!!! How can you not!! [Yes I am in fan girl mode so whatever you say won’t matter to me].

Ok ok lets be fair now, Wedding Dress is a really nice easy to listen song. I really like the melody, the piano part and then the beat in the background does goes well.

Do I prefer it to Where U At? Well yes I do, Where you at was too, how should I say it ‘common’? No that doesn’t sound right, more like songs in that type of field sound similar. Not saying Wedding Dress sounds one of a kind, but it s more of its own song. I really do like the piano part, its not just in the background supporting the other sounds, its the other sounds supporting the piano part. Its just a really nice song, TaeYang has a great voice, not that the song particular shows off his vocal as I think he so much more to give, vocal wise.

Lets talk about the music video, it actually has a proper story to it. What I mean by that is that not many YG videos habe a clear cut story, this one does and its a good one too. You’re typical 3friends [two guys and a girl], of course both guys like the girl but only one gets the girl.

In the first half of the video you see scenes of TaeYang and the girl, thinking it is past memories of their good times, but as the music video progresses you realise it was never their past memories of the good times, of the times when the were together/as a couple. As the other male friend is actually there too, so it ended up being of times of them hanging out as friends [though the other guy and girl were probably together]. So its pretty much a one sided love from TaeYang, though through the scenes you could feel he always wanted to take their friendship a step further but the other guy always came into the scene, stealing this thunder.

How well will the song do? I’m hoping it will do as good as ‘Only Look at Me’ but the competitiveness of the market is ridiculous at the moment and with 2PM making a comeback during the same time maybe TaeYang will forever get number2. Though if I am honest, even though I like 2PM  alot ‘Heartbeat’ isn’t really that good, even 10 out of 10 was better. Seriously it really isn’t, I didn’t like the rap at the start, the melody wasn’t strong enough, the song didn’t allow the members to sing, and we know 2PM has singers who CAN sing.

credit: BabyB0ngaholic


Shinee, Do They Really Shine?

In my eyes no they do not, not by the quality of their songs at least. I think the only song I ever liked from Shinee was ‘Reply’ aka Noona You’re so Pretty. After that all other songs sounded just like each other.

Then came ‘Ring Ding Dong’, Oh my Dayz!!!! [I’m going to expect some hate with this comment] But in my opinion the song is TRASH!!! I have never heard anything so crap before, especially from an Idol group!!! Yet they still win the Number 1 spot on some music shows….. Its like a pop version of a song Shaggy rejected!!! [Shaggy as in the Reggae singer/rapper]

What has the korean music industry become???? Are SM Ent so confident in Shinee that they can release trash and still make it a hit??? Of course the must be, it happened didn’t it!!!

Are SM now considering pushing Shinee up to the top now that DBSK are soon to split [its a rumor]?? Well if they are I don’t think they can carry on like this, giving Shinee crap songs to sing, it is a waste with a vocal like Kim Jong Hyun [he is the only one in Shinee I think can actually sing, I don’t like the rest].

Ok, no stupid comments please.


Let Me Clear This Up

Following my earlier blog entitled “The One Where….Dara Fans Are A Disgrace to 2NE1“, I just felt I should clear some things up. Maybe it’s because some people were starting to get the wrong idea of the blog.

It was more of a rant, I know there are a lot of people who actually dislike Dara but at the time of the rant [blog] it was solely my opinion on defensive Dara fans. Not about antis or critics. I wanted to somewhat open peoples minds and ears that as much as you may like Dara there is no need to be rude to those who do not like her. Whatever the reason maybe there should be no need to be rude. I am not saying I support those who speaking negatively about Dara but I don’t have to always agree with those who defend her. As long as I know I support her I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Yes its  not nice reading something negative about an artist you like but attacking with comments that are personal is just not nice.

I see the ‘you’re jealous because Dara is talented and you’re not’ or the ‘just because Dara is famous and you’re not’.

Tell me what is the definition of Talent? The person who can:

  1. Sing and dance
  2. Play 5 different instruments
  3. A successful accountant
  4. A mathematical Genius

So tell me? I would say all are talented, talented in their own way. Because one person cannon sing and dance does not make them talentless.

In regards to the ‘Dara is famous and your not’. I actually think that I am a better singer that quite a few artists in this world, such as Dara [yes I do think I am LOL], HyunAh, Sohee, Twins, Hotcha [and pretty much most HK singers], but I’m not famous…. why? because I do not strive to be famous, becoming famous or a celebrity is not what I want to do.

I’m just using myself and an example. There are people in the world who do NOT STRIVE TO BE FAMOUS.

Ok so another negative post about things relating to Dara you may really start to think I don’t like her LOL. No she is not my fav in 2NE1 [Park Bom and CL are] but I do like her and I do see the purpose of her being in the group.

I do agree, if she wasn’t in the group, 2NE1 might be a little dull, yes Park Bom is funny but she isn’t openly funny [I didn’t know how funny she could be until I watched her on 2NE1 TV]. Dara likes to be funny [somewhat like the class clown], she likes to do gags which of course would be a hit on korean TV. It’s a shame 2NE1 doesn’t go on variety shows because sending out Dara to the shows would gain them some good exposure.


Preaching Too Much….. Epik High?

I used to like Epik High’s music a lot but Tablo… I can’t stand him!! He just preaches all the time!! About how people are not valuing music any more, and how you just need to be popular to win awards and it’s not about the quality of the music…. arrrgggg I’ve had enough!

Their latest album wasn’t too good to be honest…. everything is starting to sound the same. Nothing new.

Also I’ve recently read the translated lyrics for the title song ‘Wannabe’ and am I being too sensitive or does it sound like it is aimed at a recently idol who has recently released a solo but is surrounded by controversy [get my drift?]


The One Where….Dara Fans Are A Disgrace to 2NE1

Yes you read right, I think [I’m not saying all of you Dara fans] but a number of Sandara Park’s fans are a disgrace to 2NE1 and even Dara herself.

I’m a lurker on youtube and I find it fascinating  when I see how users on youtube get very defensive when there are other users who post negative comments about Dara. I’ve noticed there are always 2 or 3 users that is constantly posting comments which contain how weak of a member Dara is in 2NE1.

I agree, I think Dara is the weakest member of the group and that she is only really there because she is pretty and she has a variety show personality. She is the member that can talk and answer questions. I agree when I see comments such as: ‘she is not very good at singing live, her range isn’t good’ and etc.

The majority of Dara’s fans will probably read a negative comment and think ‘oh well this person disagrees so what’, but there are a number of fans who will respond to another user’s negative opinion with some personal comments. It’s like they cannot take criticism, but it’s not even aimed at them.

These Dara fan users start calling those negative commenter names and what not. It really gives those negative commenter the upper hand as they always reply in a civil manner, if anything with politeness. Then these Dara fans will always come back with a rather unintelligent and un-thought through comment or argument [whichever you prefer].

I read them and as much as I would like to disagree with the negative commenter, I can’t help but want to defend them as these Dara fans are really digging themselves a grave and only givning themselves [as Dara fans and even 2NE1 fans] a bad name.

To point out, I often notice a certain user on youtube who has negative comments of Dara but is actually a huge 2NE1 fan, being called a anti or a basher just because of the Dara negative comments. I like to ask the question: What makes you think that user is a anti? Is it because of a little negative comment? I would say its constructive criticism because that user has high expectations of 2NE1 and maybe feels that Dara somewhat lets them down.

Well this is my point of view but I do have one thing to say:



The One Where… At Least Someone Speaks Out Some Humane Words

BaekGa of Koyote has expressed his opinions on the recent Jay Park frenzy.

“The people who almost drove me insane with the pervert accusations about two months ago have done it again. They have sacrificed a co worker, and a good friend. You kill with your fingers where no one can see you, and they have made sad, unnecessary sacrifices, but you say it doesn’t even affect you in the heart. All I can say is that I am truly scared.”

BaekGa had been accused of being a pervert after an accused picture surfaced on the internet. But in the end, it turned out to be a picture of someone that looks like him.

He continued, “People make mistakes. He was a young kid going through a tough time and yet they made it seem like he still had bad thoughts in his mind…The entertainment business to the naked eye can be joyful and satisfying, but the mental and the physical pain we have to go through before we get to that point is indescribable. I wish you guys can stop…If he made the same mistakes twice, then he is to blame, but if you give him enough time to elaborate on his actions, he will become a better person. Finally, I know you all might think that I am writing with no credibility, but this is solely my opinion and I stand by it. But before you curse or judge me, look into yourself and see how clean of a person you are first.”

These are some strong words by BaekGa. This further develops the celebrity support for Jay Park. BaekGa really viewed this as a humane issue, not just an entertainment business issue.


GOOD ON YOU BAEKGA!!! At least someone has a brain!! Or at least someone has the courage to speak out what others are thinking other than just comforting words!!



The One Where… Jay Flew Away


Look what you stupid Netizens have done!!! You made Jaebeom go back to America!!

Just to refresh:

Jaebeom leader of korean idol group 2PM [under JYP Ent] went under immense scrutiny almost a week ago for comments he had made on myspace in 2005-2007. He had once written ‘korea is gay’ and ‘I hate korea’ and it was these two comments that caused and apparent up roar in Korea.

Since then he has apologised with explainations, 2PM’s activities were cancelled, their comeback delayed and Jaebeom replaced on an up-coming variety show.

Still that wasn’t enough these stupid brainless korean netizens decided to start a petition entitled “Jaebeom Should Commit Suicide” …… WHAT THE FCUK!!!! Seriously do these people have nothing better to do?? What is worse is that the petition has had 3000+ people sign it!!!

Korea as a country I am interested in due to the culture [I suppose it started when I found out Chinese words were used until the 19th & 20th century] and I suppose you could say I follow kpop and its dramas and variety shows but the fans and the netizens makes me despise the country a little. It makes the Koreans seem like even though the country in technology is ahead but the people and how they live/think is still very behind the times [possibly some 20 years]

Now now don’t get all offended.

I do not think Jay should have quit or leave at all!! He was young, he was in a completely foreign place [yes I know he is korean but do you think he would say his first language is korean?], the people didn’t accept him, he didn’t know how to communicate with anyone…… let me ask you How would you feel???



Function Maths? => f(x)

No I’m not going to post a mathematical blog but f(x) is the name of a new girl group by SM.

Its a five member group consisting of members: Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Luna and Sulli, one member is Chinese [Victoria] and one member is the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD [Krystal].

With the influxof girl groups debuting this year, SM thought they’ll add another. Well I suppose its not fair to throw in SNSD, since they’ve been around since 2007 and its really not fair to the new girl groups hahaha [what I’m trying to say is that SNSD are trying to fight with the newbies as they have no one else to fight with].

f(x)seems more womanly sexy than the cute pedo sexy that SNSDis, then again knowing SM their concept can change just like that. This group reminds me of SM’s other girl group, the one banished to Japan, 天上智喜 CSJH and for some reason reminds me of Sugar [another kpop girlgroup] as well.

hm…. Can SM handle two girl groups at he same time without favoring one of the other? I’m not so sure about. You can argue about Shinee and DBSK but thats because DBSK was over in Japan a LOT and looks what happened now, DBSK will no longer exist!!

I still think 2NE1 are going to sweep the end of year awards for the newbies