My New Favourite Lip Tint?

In the last five years or so lip tints have become a staple in any cosmetic brand’s collection. Gone are the days where you would have to dap your lipstick just for a flush of colour as a coloured lip balm usually just did nothing but moisturise your lips.
Anyone into Asian makeup trends will know that lip tints are usually the key to the gradient lip look. This hit trend started off in South Korea and has now become a iconic look for Asian females. Why? Because it just looks so pretty and effortless. Sometimes we just don’t want to wear a full lip of colour.

I am a fan of the gradient lips, I think it suits me and it’s great for everyday wear. I personally feel I have slightly fuller lips and a defined cupids bow which sometimes makes wearing full lipstick quite the standout, it doesn’t help that I love wearing red or dark lips.

I am very much a ‘can’t be bothered/lazy’ kind of girl so I am always looking for long lasting makeup. I just hate having to touch up as it means I have to carry more stuff in my bag!! I usually don’t mind having to touch up my lips, as we eat and drink we know the colour is going to fade BUT I am the lazy type so I always forget ^_____^ So anything that will stay on my lips through all that eating, drinking and other lip activities (and no! I’m not hinting at anything) is a win for me!

Let me introduce to you from South Korean cosmetics brand Peripera 페리페라, Peri’s Ink 페리스 잉크.
I can’t remember exactly how I came across this product but it’s probably via a blog or a Youtube video that I have watched and it mentioned that this product just does not budge….. and boy does it last! I won’t say that it doesn’t budge as of course eventually it does start to wear away. HOWEVER it is probably the most long lasting lip tint I have used.
To say it’s a lip tint may be incorrect as the colour pay off is super pigmented so if you want that gradient lip look, then go easy on the application.

There are five colours and I started off with just buying colour #3 Rapid Heartbeat 심쿵주의 and I absolutely loved it from the get go! So I then bought the other four colours!! I’m one of those people that if I love something enough then I’m going to get backups and all the other colours (just like how I only wear Topshop’s Jaime Jeans).


left to right: #1 The Best Choice, #2 Draw Attention, #3 Rapid Heartbeat, #4 Hearttrob, #5 No Spoiler
Please excuse the poor lighting, as usual I decided to take swatches super late! My LED white lighting had busted so I was stuck with crappy yellow room light. And I didn’t want to edit it lighting to the photo as I wanted to show you in true form.
I’ll update this post with photos of how they look on my lips, I couldn’t take them all on one day as its quite difficult to get off ^____^


The above picture if my rubbing it… I was a bit impatient to be honest. I used too much product for the swatch which meant it look longer to dry. So as soon as I felt it had dried enough I did the rub test….. probably should have waited longer. BUT I think the rub test did quite well for ‘barely dry’, you can still see that most of the product is still on my arm and to be honest a day later it’s still faintly there.

What I like most about this is that its super pigmented which means that I don’t have apply a lot of product to get good colour pay off. It also feels great on!! It’s not drying at all and feels like my bare lips, like I don’t have anything on my lips at all. If you use this as a tint just make sure you blend out and rub the product before it dries onto the lips, or use concealer to do the gradient look.




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