Any avid Kpop/Kdrama or just general K-Entertainment fan will know that Korean A-lister Lee Seunggi이승기  will be enlisting into military on 1st February 2016….. O____O OMG!!! *fan girls SCREAAAAAMMM* (for those who are not too sure, all Korean males at some point in the lives (between the ages of 18-35) will have to service at least 21 months of military service).

My baby boi is going to the military!!!! *fans oneself* LSG is probably the most famous 86/87s that are due to go off to military. I say most famous because this guy is like ‘gold’, he can do NO WRONG! Seriously… this guy has had no scandals and even when it was confirmed that he was dating, that did nothing to his career or fans. LSG is literally South Korea’s TREASURE and can you blame them…. he is simply amazing!!

Many many years ago I was an avid fan of Kpop (unfortunately I do not listen to any, anymore except for a few key artists that I have stuck with) and I still remember when he first debuted as a fresh faced kid (I say ‘kid’ as if I’m so much older than him… this noona is only a few months older) with the single ‘Because You’re My Woman 내 여자라니까’ and stole the hearts of all the noonas. The song has become iconic in his music career and till this day is still sung when younger men woo older women. HOWEVER for me and I presume for the rest of Korea he really became a gem when he joined the cast of the ever so popular and famous Korean variety show 1 Night 2 Days 1박 2일. This show showed Seunggi in a new light! He wasn’t just the perfect guy, he was also a bit…. ‘slow’ LOL He showed he wasn’t perfect and he wasn’t as quick witted or smart as his counterparts on the show but it was because of this side to him that we loved him even more! I’ll be honest I’ve not really followed his acting career but I presume because he is Lee Seunggi he’ll likely be a ratings hit whether his acting is any good or not.

I will always remember how Kang Ho Dong used to scream him name, it was just an affectionate way…. I loved it…. ‘SEUNGGGGGGIIIIII AUHHHHHHH’


Before leaving us, Seung Gi has gifted us with a new song that swept the charts….. appropriately titled ‘I’m Going to the Military 나 군대 간다’


This noona here will see you again in two years. >______<”



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