First Look: From Five to Nine (5→9〜私に恋したお坊さん〜)

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I’ve done a drama review or what I call my ‘First Look‘ corner, which is just to introduce you to what I dramas I have been watching or have watched and LOVED (or really enjoyed)!!

I’m currently watching and LOVING Jdorama (the term used to say Japanese Drama) 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan or  known by the English title  From Five to Nine. This is a live-action drama starring Ishihara Satomi 石原 さとみ and Yamashita Tomohisa 山下 智久, based on the manga of the same name by Aihara Miki 相原実貴. Some of you may recognise this mangaka most well known work Hot Gimmick ホットギミック, it was super popular back when it was released. I have also read it but I have to admit I didn’t really like it, there were parts I loved (typical shojo parts) but I mostly disliked it. Her male characters are very dominating in a “bas$&*d” kind of way…. “you belong to me” “you are mine” “you must do what I say” “obey me” that kind of male….

So it’s not because of the original manga that has led me to watch this drama but the two leads, Ishihara and Yamapi (Yamashita’s nickname). Ishihara has grown on me as an actress, I can’t remember which drama it was that made me notice her but I had found her acting quite annoying at first. This is probably due to her being somewhat pigeon holed and doing the same types of roles – the cutesy bimbo girl – but as the years went on she took on more roles and expanded her acting and I have grown to really really like her as an actress. Liked her in the dramas Puzzle  and Voice but absolutely LOVED her in Rich Man, Poor Woman. Yamapi….I’ve known him since he was in the group NEWS, I’m a little biased when it comes to the boys from  Johnny & Associates, who doesn’t like groups of attractive young men??? LOL I used to be a BIG Jpop listener!! I think the very first drama I watched with Yamapi in, was Stand Up!!, with Ninomiya Kazunari (from Arashi 嵐). Yamapi is also someone who has improved so much with his acting, then again he started out really young. He always played the straight faced, emotionless roles…. I always just thought it was probably because he’s such a bad actor LOL. The drama that really got him on the actor ladder was probably Nobuta Wo Produce, that was immensely popular, though he wasn’t a great actor in it, but there was something that about that drama that put all three leads, Kamenashi Kazuya and Horikita Maki in a new light. Most of the dramas he did after Nobuta, I really liked and just happened to like him more and more! I recommend watching Kurosagi, Operation Love, Code and Buzzer Beat.

Below is the plot summary:

Sakuraba Junko is a part-time teacher at an English conversation school who dreams of one day working in New York. Junko strives hard to achieve her dreams, but New York seems a far distant reality. And she hasn’t had much luck with romance for a while either. But things suddenly start to change when one day, Junko encounters a handsome Tokyo University graduate monk Hoshikawa Takane at a funeral service. Due to numbness of her legs after sitting for a long time, Junko accidentally knocks over the bowl of ashes, which falls right onto the head of Takane—probably the worst impression anyone could make. After such embarrassing mishap, Junko figures she would never see him again. However, the two end up meeting again in a matchmaking session that was set up by Junko’s mother
Credit: wiki.d-addicts

I started to read the manga after hearing that this drama is a manga adaptation and I quite liked it. I think that its nice that its adults, so stuff like ‘sex’ is dealt with more level headed (though this is a shojo manga in the end). I do hope that they keep that scene in the drama, the scene where they sleep together. However…. our leading male character is a very typical Aihara Miki male character!

So for a run down of some of the stand out scenes from what I have watched so far from the drama. If you’ve not watched the drama, you may not want to continue reading if you don’t want any spoilers at all, but please do if you don’t mind! As I don’t explain exactly what is happening in the scene. Just a quick one-liner with some of my own thoughts and comments.


The first meeting! Yamapi is so unimpressed!! He looks so much more uptight than the manga drawing hahaha


So the stalking begins!!! Takane-san has taking a liking to our Junko Sensei and signs up for her English class…. however his English is pretty good!


Isn’t this a very typical scene! Our hero comes to save the day!! So far I ma liking what I see. The characters are more likable in this live-action and as much as Takane is still a ‘you are mine’ kind of man, he is likable.


Forget the stalking, you are being LOCKED UP!!! Ok so where is my bedroom scene!! Seriously where is it!! I really wanted the scene because it represents adult life, typical adult life, where one night stands EXIST and how to deal with it as an adult!


I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Japanese kids are the cutest!!! Look how cute he is!!! He has such a cute name too Terada Kokoro!!! Kokoro-chan!! Kokoro-kun!!! How cute is that!! Oh his character’s name is cute too, Naha Sankyu…. Sankyu-kun!! Sankyu sounds like Thank You, exspecially how the Japanese says Thank you in English.


I knew a scene like this was coming! I also knew that it would be a misunderstanding too!! Yes I have watched too many dramas to know what happens!


The RIVAL!! Though in the live-action Mishima Satoshi (played by Furukawa Yuki, some of you may recognise him from Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo where he played lead role Irie Naoki) is somewhat in the background. His presence is not as regular as the manga.


This scene had me laughing out loud!! I also love that Arthur’s (played by Hayami Mokomichi 速水 もこみち) thoughts are in English. Might I add, I am impressed with his English, in fact with everyone’s English! I knew that Yamapi’s English is good but didn’t expect others to be as good.


I also literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD!! 


This is from the last scene of the last episode I watched, if I remember correctly I believe it was from episode 4. Now this is the true RIVAL!!! Kiyomiya Makoto played by Tanaka Kei たなか けい.  Makoto asks Junko a question I’m sure she loved hearing and brings back past memories or feelings. Sadly we all know Makoto will be the guy that missed the chance, missed his timing! We all know that in dramas everything is about timing!

Final Thoughts:

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVVVVVVE IT!!! I recommend everyone watch this!! Its so nice to see Yamapi and Ishihara back on the small screen and together in one drama!! I like the other actors too, thought I’m not too keen on the actress Saeko who is playing the role of Mori Masako. I just think they could have chosen someone better.

I’m a little sad they we didn’t have the adult bedroom scenes…. Where I have read in the manga, Junko has had sex with Takane twice and they’re not in a relationship yet. But its more of the emotions that led to it and how they dealt with it after. Not because I wanted to see Yamapi and Ishihara get hot and steamy…. hahahah XD Though I wouldn’t mind that!!

Thanks to reading this long arse post but I do like writing them!! I’m tempted to do one for Chinese drama Nirvana in Fire but its such a long drama and so complicated I don’t know where to start!!



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