Anime Alert: Shokugeki no Souma 食戟のソーマ

I’ve realised that I have rarely blogged about any anime or manga…. and that’s strange considering that it’s such a big part of my LIFE!!! I’m a self proclaim ‘Otaku’, I loveeeee my anime and manga!! Ok so in the last five years I have kinda stopped watching anime, well its more accurate to say I only watch ones that strongly interest me! However I read a TON of manga… nothing better than my imagination to visualise it!

Today I’m super excited to tell you guys about a new anime that has just been released!! Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma 食戟のソーマ  episode one was officially released 3rd April 2015. This is a definite MUST WATCH from me, I’m a big fan of the manga and I’ve been reading the manga since early 2013 (the manga was officially released in November 2012) and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s funny, serious, smart and easy going! A manga everyone can enjoy and has been really popular, so I was really excited to read the news in October 2014 that it was given an anime adaptation. The first episode is subbed so GO AND WATCH IT!!

Expect boobies ^_______^ most of the female character are *ahem* well endowed.




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