Beauty & Skincare: Empties


It’s a lot of empties isn’t it?? Just to be clear these empties I have collected for a while as there is no point in writing a post for just one empty, used up product.

If I remember correctly this is my first empties post, I’ve been meaning to do one over the years but I just end up not being able to wait and compile the products and just end up throwing out the empty bottles/tubes and containers. This time I have stuck with it… I have a little box there I store the empties now so hopefully this won’t be the first and last empties post!!

I’m going to start with the Kiehl’s stuff first I think….

Kiehl’s Acai Texture Perfecting Cleanser:- This is a foam cleanser type and comes in a pump bottle. I generally quite like foam cleansers as they are easy to use. But I always feel foam cleaners do not remove make-up as well as say oil or cream based cleansers. So for me, foam cleansers are perfect for that second cleanse! This cleanser left my face feeling fresh and clean, my face felt clean and bare. Some products can leave you feeling dry or that there is like a film of product left over. That’s why this is the perfect second cleanser to a more stronger product.

Kiehl’s Acai Damage Protecting Toning Mist :- Much like the cleanser this toner is gentle but does the job. I like to use this by spraying a cotton with and wiping it over the face, but when I feel like my skin is on a good say I will just spray this over the face and pat it in.

MAC Gentle Off Eye Lip and Makeup Remover:- I don’t think I need to say much about this…. everyone remotely into beauty and skincare will know that this is a GOOD makeup remover!! I especially like ones that are split with oil and water, it makes removing waterproof or long lasting makeup so much more easier and quicker. I’ve used so many bottles before but I won’t be repurchasing as I have decided to try out the Body Shop’s Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover after reading some good reviews on it. It’s the same type of oil/water combination remover so I’m hoping it’ll be just as good as the MAC one.

Diorsnow White Reveal Perfecting Makeup UV Base SPF35 PA+++ :- I bought this product on a whim when I happened to walk pass the Dior counter in Selfridges. Dior must have just recently come out with the Diorsnow line in London as I’ve never seen it before in London and have only ever seen it in the Far East (Hong Kong to be specific). As far as I know the Diorsnow line is an Asian specific line as the main feature is to ‘whiten’ (not literally and Asians love products that claim to whiten). This base is suppose to brighten and give you radiant looking skin under your foundation. However I didn’t think that it worked or maybe  I was expecting something else with this product.

Benefit’s Benetint:- A rose-tinted lip&cheek stain….. I’ve had this product for a longgggg time! It takes FOREVERRRR to finish and that’s usually a good thing, when a product lasts a long time. HOWEVER I did not like the product at all! The tint did not last at all. Maybe its because its a water-liquid tint and from experience these types of tints do not last at all. I only ever used it on my cheeks as it gives a nice natural flush of colour.

Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream:- Skin79 is a South Korean cosmetics brand and it’s famous for it’s Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function (which I have used and have liked). The Dear Rose BB Cream was a special edition released only in Taiwan and endorsed by Taiwan superstar and A-lister Jolin Tsai 蔡依林. I bought it because I was intrigued and that I have had good experiences with the brand. Overall I did thoroughly enjoy this BB Cream, it had good coverage for a BB cream and was quite moisturising. The only problem i had was that it only came in one shade and unfortunately it was too light for me… I’m in the ‘darker’ Asian category >.<

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream :- Etude House is a brand I like and a brand I will always check out when they have new products. This cream did what it was suppose to do…. it was a moisturising cream and one I would use during those summer days when my skin is feel dehydrated. It’s like a quick fix cream, perfect for those dry summer days. The gel base texture makes this cream easily absorbed so it doesn’t leave you skin with that sticky feeling.

Hada Labo Goku-Jyun Cream:- This cream was much like the Etude House Moistfull cream but it was a thicker texture, half cream half gel. Due to the thicker texture, this cream is probably more ideal for night time use. However if I was to picture one of these two creams then I would probably pick the Etude House cream over the Hada Labo.

Laneige Pore Clearing Essence:- I bought this product because I had heard a lot of good things about it…. unfortunately for me it didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I’m using it wrong O__O but I didn’t see any visible changes in my skin….

That’s it for my mini thoughts on these empties… I’m not sure when the next empties post will be but when I’ve collected enough I’ll do another!




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