First Look: Pinocchino 피노키오 (K-Drama)

SBS’s new Wednesday – Thursday primetime drama is the highly anticipated ‘Pinocchio’ starring ‘Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye’. These two are among South Korea’s hottest young actors and actresses and I’m not just talking about looks.

Lee Jong Suk is still riding high from his ratings win 2013 hit drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’, on top of that he had whack drama ‘Doctor Stranger’ airing earlier in the year which was a ratings win for SBS (for their primetime  Monday – Tuesday slot). Pinocchio will be LJS third SBS drama in a row, needless to say he is SBS’s golden boy and why not he has scored them two ratings hit.

Park Shin Hye is also still riding high on her 2013 SBS ratings hit ‘The Heirs’, this drama really sealed the deal in PSH being a hallyu star. PSH has always been a poplar actress, starting her career as a child actress in the hugely popular hallyu drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

If I remember correctly SBS also gave PSH her first leading role at the tender age of 16, for drama Tree of Heaven (known as a sort of prequel to Stairway to Heaven). Thinking back, it really hit me a how young she was and looked in that drama!

Pinocchio is now six episodes in and it has proven to be a ratings contender to MBC’s Mr.Back (which I am also currently watching). Mr.Back has had a one week lead to dominate the Wednesday – Thursday slot and to be honest it wasn’t very hard as the other dramas were just so dull. In Pinocchio’s premiere week, ratings came in at  7.8% for the first episode and rose 2% to 9.8% for the second episode, landing in second position behind Mr.Back. Even though the drama premiered in at second place the ratings were quite solid and the increase for the second episode was evident.

Week 2 of airing clearly showed an increase of viewers with episode three scoring a 9.4% rating and episode four with an 1% increase breaking into the double digits territory with 10.4%. Mr.Back scored 11.1% and 11.2% respectively, so if in Pinocchio’s premiere week it already had Mr.Back in its sight, then week 2 Pinocchio was definitely knocking on its door.

Which leads us to week 3 of episodes, Pinocchio’s Wednesday episode broke right into double digits with a 10.2% ratings while Mr.Back was still #1 for the Wednesday slot with 10.9% ratings. However all that changed with Thursday’s episode, Pinocchio was in pole position with 10.4% ratings and Mr.Back was behind them for the first time with a rating of 10.0%. WOOOOOHOOOOO Let the fireworks begin!!! So if I said in week 2 Pinocchio was knocking on Mr.Back’s door then week 3 Pinocchio was definitely half way through that door! I say only halfway because Pinocchio’s rating isn’t solid enough to be the dominant lead, not yet that is. I really hope is does run a mile with the ratings as I absolutely love the drama and I’m not just being biased. Mr.Back started off so good, so interesting but it started to take a dip for me during episodes 5&6. It started to be a little predictable and the storyline was a little cray cray (slang for crazy), yes Pinocchio potentially could be very cray but even so there are other elements in the drama that makes all the cray acceptable and unfortunately those elements are not in Mr.Back.

As I have mentioned before Pinocchio is already six episodes in so instead of doing a summary review for the episodes, I going to pick out some of the best scenes so far and say why it was so amazing!!

We’re introduced to LJS’s character Choi Dal Po through an introductory video clip for a television quiz show and this clip really does show Dal Po as a country pumpkin and a bit of the class idiot/clown. I like this scene so much because it really showed how much Dal Po was in character trying to play that role.

This scene really broke my heart, and really showed the dark side in media reporting because there is that side especially in Asia where the media (especically the pazz have a bad reputation in the way they get their stories). LJS’s other character (his real self) Ki Ha Myung (played by child actor Nam Dae Reum) and his brother Ki Jae Myung (played by child actor Shin Jae Ha) are confronted by a hoard of reporters (more like hungry hyenas) questioning them about their father. Ha Myung unable to contain his anger starts to dictate facts about his father’s co-workers and states he knows all this because of his father’s dedication in wanting to know his colleagues more personally and why would a person like that would be the coward the media are making him out to be run off and leave his colleagues for death. My Heart ached as no child/children should ever have to be put in that situation (and even get egged on). Like the saying goes ‘Innocent until proven guilty’.

The start of something amazing (need I say more?)

This scene was amazing! With the whole class accusing Dal Po of cheating on the test (to get on the quiz show), getting a 100 out of 100 and even the school trying to get Dal Po to confess to cheating and withdrawing his place to be on the quiz show there was only one person who was on Dal Po’s side and at this stage was not necessarily because she thought he was that smart but because she believed Dal Po would never cheat. In Na rightly points out that the students nor the school has any evidence to convict Dal Po of cheating and all they are doing is spreading rumors and speculating. She even makes a bet with fellow student Anh Chan Soo in regards to Dal Po’s innocence, of course Dal Po hears all this and is extremely happy on the inside.

Another heart aching moment, Dal Po appears to wake up to his mother’s voice telling him to wake up for breakfast. There he finds his parents in the kitchen/dining room and his brother getting dressed in his room (you never do get to see his brother’s face), he clearing says that it must be a dream but it feels too real to be a dream and even tries to fool himself into saying that maybe the whole incident was just a bad dream and that he has awoken to reality.

:O The shock on my face!!! I knew In Na’s mother (played by Jin Kyung) will be a character that everyone will loathe but the words she just said to In Na will surely get her HATE!

What a better way to make your appearance in the drama than already establishing that connection to the female lead. Might i add he is looking mighty fine in that suit! Kim Young Kwang is the kind of actor to me that suits goofy roles or a very sinister role…. and its all down to his smile, he has how should I say it… a big mouth. I’m to say that so far from what we have seen of his character he is more goofy than sinister and I hope it stays that way, that he plays the good guy that never gets the girl. Its so easy for the second male leads to start off all good but then turn into the bad guy because he knows he won’t get the girl, however there is a slight difference in Pinocchio, Seo Bum Jo already knows our female lead is in love with Dal Po.

I absolutely LOVEEEE the Choi family!! Dad aka Choi Dal Pyung (played by Shin Jung Geun) knows Dal Po is in love with In Na and he has given Dal Po a very fatherly talk i.e the no one will ever be good enough for my daughter talk. But when he comes home after the talk (with Dal Po) he sees all the reasons that he gave Dal Po as to In Na being the best daughter ever, be knocked down by that precious daughter herself. We more scenes like this as dad drifts back into his thoughts remembering the words he says and then sees In Na totally contradicting those words (even more so after Dal Po’s make-over).

Did I mention how much I love the Choi family??? Granddad aka Choi Gong Pil (played by Byun Hee Bong) admits to Dal Po that he has known for quite a long time that Dal Po isn’t really Dal Po and that he was selfish as to not mention it earlier as he and grown to need Dal Po by his side. As much as Dal Po thought he needed the Choi family, the Choi family needed him just as much. This was a heart touching scene and just shows how amazing a person granddad is.

One’s imagination can be very frightening and this scene was HILARIOUS. I was wondering at how this scene was going to be played out when I saw it in the episode preview, were they going to do it as a dream of In Na or Dal Po’s? As that would have been a bit of a downer or a but predictable if it came from either lead. But it was executed awesomely, it was dad’s imagination! It all links up to dad knowning Dal Po’s feelings for In Na and In Na contradicting all of dad’s pros of her.

More heartbreak as Dal Po sheds bucket loads of tears after learning of his father’s death after his remains were found at the factory site.

This was such a sweet scene to me, In Na has realised her feelings for Dal Po and cannot stop hiccuping, she has failed to be employed at YGN (while Dal Po is employed) and she’s just having a moan to her customers at the convenience store she is working part-time at. Bum Jo enters the scene as a customer of hers and offers to listen to her, Bum Jo is a little stalkerish but all that can be forgiven at how supportive he is to In Na (I’d love to know more about his back ground though).

We have our first confession!!!!! Let the fireworks begin!!! In Na’s confession to Dal Po is more to stop her hiccuping (and to to take up her mum’s job offer) but being a pinocchio she knows she has to fess up. Dal Po is SHOCKED to say the least with In Na’s confession and thought it was just one sided. However we are not going to a happy ending just yet as there are so many other issues to sort out first and that In Na openly bats down her confession as impossible because they’re family. to Dal Po this is like a rejection even before he has had the chance to confess. In Na says her feelings are not that strong yet so getting over Dal Po will be easy. So expect as the episodes go on In Na will realise just how deep her feelings are for Dal Po.

The drama just took a dark dark turn, I’m a little afraid. The heart ache and pain I have felt for the Ki brothers will dwindle a little as Jae Myung (played by Yoon Kyun Sang) has decided to take justice into his own hands, mainly due to his belief that he is the only one left in his family.

This scene had me squealing a little, how adorable is Dal Po right??? This scene shows us exactly how Dal Po is. Always so caring and showing In Na affection but always when she is not looking, but that is only because Dal Po chooses to not let her or anyone else know (except dad as found out), but its only a matter of time before someone caught on, Bum Jo has witness the whole scene.

Oh I have realised that I have not written about our second female lead Yoon Yoo Rae played by actress Lee Yu Bi and that’s because there isn’t much to write about her character. Yoo Rae isn’t a character that is displaying second female lead qualities yet and I don’t see a love square forming with our leads! Good thing too as this love triangle we have is all we (I) need.

These were just a few of the scenes that stood out to me but there are many many more but writing about them would make this post even more longer than it already is! But please make sure you watch this as it is a good drama and our actors and actress are putting out a good performance!



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  1. u shouldbadd the scene when yoon yoo rae(played by lee yu bi) said she has an oppa she already likes that is SJ heechul..

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