So today releases some official movie posters for Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 (for those who still do not know what Shingeki is that would be Attack on Titan, I call it using the Japanese name) which also helps place some of the confirmed actors and actresses with the roles that they will be playing.

The first actor that was revealed to be appearing in the movie was Miura Haruma and they didn’t say which character he will be… but come on this is Haruma he’s a pretty well know actor in Japan (the next generation of big actors), they’re not going to cast him and have him be some small fry he will of course be Eren. After his announcement the production team revealed some more confirmed actors and actresses for the movie but again didn’t reveal which characters they will be playing.


Top (left to right): Ishihara Satomi, Hasegawa Hiroki, Mizuhara Kiko

Bottom (left to right): Hongo Kanata, Sakuraba Nanami, Miura Takahiro, Mastuo Satoru, Pierre Takim, Kunimura Jun

When I first saw the above I said that Kiko ‘looks’ like Mikasa, but Satomi is the ‘bigger’ actress, she’s a leading lady, she is experienced and hugely popular  but she isn’t Mikasa. Kiko has only been in a handful of movies , none of which where any big roles or main character, I suppose her biggest part may have been in the live action version of Norwegian Wood.  To be honest from the dramas and movies I have seen of Kiko’s her acting isn’t bad and Mikasa doesn’t really require much acting she just needs to be able to kick ASS. If Kiko is actually Mikasa then who will Satomi play?? Will she playing an existing character or one of the original (new) characters that will be appearing.

Today some of the official character posters were revealed and thus confirms who will be playing who.


So Kiko does play Mikasa and Satomi actually plays HanjiI never actually thought of that and now that  Satomi is Hanji it kinda makes sense now and I can totally see it! If some of you are wonder who some of the characters are as the names do not seem familiar, let me clear this up now… For the movie some original or new characters were brought in. Also Levi Ackerman is not listed, how can he not be right! He has quite a big part!! Instead Levi’s character is most likely incorporated into new character Shikishima as this character is described as ‘humanity’s strongest man’ sounds like Levi to me and look at the poster he’s wearing that cap thing, thats Levi’s getup.

I’ll be completely honest and say I’m not fussed about whether these actors and actress look the part, I think people are too much about whether the chosen few look like the characters they are suppose to play as long as they can act and play the character well I’m not fussed. What I really wanted to see however were some officially Titan pictures!! That’s the exciting part!




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