Drama Review: Love At Second Sight 一見不鍾情 (C-Drama)

I have been waiting for Love at Second Sight 一見不鍾情 since 2011, why? It’s because this is some highly anticipated drama or anything of the sort but for one reason… .Rainie Yang 楊丞琳!! My love for Rainie is just that real!! Hahaha… no I am not some stalker who idolises Rainie, I loveeeeee her everything she touches turns to gold in my eyes, such as I never really did like Show Luo 羅志祥 but since they acted together in Hi My Sweetheart I quite like him hahaha and did want them to still be a couple (apparently they only dated for four months) but except when she dated Prince 王子 I still do not really like him (don’t think he is as good looking everyone makes him out to be), he is not good enough for my Rainie!!. There are certain people or artists in different countries or across the globe that I just like, it doesn’t matter if they are crap at singing or acting I just like them!! Its probably because these people that I like are really nice people in real-life! My sister would say Rainie is my “Taiwanese girlfriend” I also have a girlfriend in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea ^_____________^

This is Rainie’s first drama in about three years!! Her last drama was Drunken to Love You and Sunny Girl which both aired in 2011, though Sunny Girl was filmed in 2010 hence why that drama feel older as pictures, clips and trailers were released way before they drama was aired. Sunny Girl was bland to be honest… it wasn’t that great and to be honest I don’t remember much of it. Drunken to Love You however was AMAZING!!! It was funny, the chemistry was great – so good that as usual rumors came out that the two leads were dating – oh and second male lead was also the real life famous ex-boyfriend of Rainie’s!! But enough about (maybe DtLY needs its own post just even talking about it is bringing back memories!) this is about Love at Second Sight.

Aside from having Rainie as the female lead the male lead is an actor I have not heard before but that is not to say that he is a rookie actor or a unknown actor… I just happen to have not seen any of his previous dramas or movies. In actual fact I am relatively new to actors/actresses/dramas and movies from Mainland China, I admit to not having watched many. The dramas I have watched tend to be the ones I have anticipated for one reason or another, or have starred actors or actress I really like. Such as the case with this drama, I probably would never have watched it if Rainie was not in it, I do not know any of the actors except for second male lead Michael Zhang 張勛傑 (and that’s only because he is a Taiwanese actor). Playing male lead is Chinese actor  Zheng Kai 鄭愷 (Ryan Zheng) who has been active as an actor since 2008, looking at his profile he started his career mainly in television dramas and series, doing between 2 to 4 dramas a year since he debuted. Movie wise 2013 looks like the break out year having three movies out (though they were not starring roles but its best to get your face and name out there in the movie scene), 2014 also looks to be a busy year for him with 4 movies and 2 dramas.

I admit to liking an OTP pair more when they visually look good together, so it was a little disappointing when I first saw the pictures of the OTP together…. Rainie has starred opposite some very good looking actors and just together just looked the part. Unfortunately Rainie and Zheng Kai just doesn’t look the part for me, that’s not to say I think Kai is unattractive (ok at first I did), as I watched the drama I found myself thinking “he’s cute”. Just together with Rainie in the drama and promotional pictures just didn’t hit the spot for me. Also he looks really short in the drama, hes still taller than Rainie (even with her in heels) but just looks really short. According to his profile he stands at 178cm/5’10 tall and that I think is taller than average for an Asian man (think average is 5’7/170cm), lets compare that to second male lead Michael – he stands at 182cm that’s only 4cm! But he looks a whole foot taller!! Oh to compare even more he is 1cm shorter than Joseph Chang and 2cm shorter than Show Luo….. interesting.

“What happens when a marriage planner, Fei Luo Luo and online love specialist, Lu Zhe Xi encounter where the former provides marriage planning service and the latter, tries to break up the same couple?
Since young, Luo Luo has hoped to have an unforgettable and perfect wedding planned by her. She sees love and marriage as the world’s most romantic thing. Because of this, she always strives to overcome all difficulties faced in order to provide her customers the most perfect wedding program. On the other hand, Zhe Xi who has experienced the ups and downs of her mother’s marriage believes that love is about being rational, logical and practical and all relationships need to go through the test of reality and time. As a result, he is also known as a “break up” specialist, setting up various obstacles to couples.”

Credit: wikipedia.org

Above is the brief plot, to be honest it doesn’t really tell much of the story. As always there will be two other characters involved forming a love rectangle, though Michael’s character was the good guy who just didn’t get the girl. Second female lead Yang Yi Tao 楊壹童 plays the ex-girlfriend who regretted a decision she made and has come back (with a bag of lies) to win back our lead. There is also a quick memory lost, a douchebag cheating boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, a spoilt sibling that learned the hard way and an unbiological pregnancy/child

I’ll be completely honest the drama was not great, I did however like the low-key chemistry our leads had, it wasn’t intense sparks flying but it was quite a realistic kind of chemistry, I believed the flirty bickering, I believed he genuinely fell for her and that she wanted him. Writers and producers just could have done more with it… it felt too rushed towards the end with the whole memory loss (they could have dragged it out) and wrapping up the drama. First half of the series was much better in terms of story, pace and development of our leads, second half everything took a nose drive just felt like they wanted to finish the drama quickly. We can’t blame external factors affecting it such as ratings and viewer opinions as with 90% of Chinese dramas from Mainland China, they are recorded beforehand (some dramas are not even aired until a year of two later, I am currently waiting for a drama to air!).



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