First Look: My Secret Hotel (K-drama)

This week tvN, airs its new drama called My Secret Hotel starring Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and Nam Goong Min.

tvN is the cable network that brought you dramas such as:  Replay 1997, Replay 1994, Queen In Hyun’s Man, I Need Romance 1,2&3, Dating Agency Cyrano and Flower Boy series just to name a few. In the last year or so tvN has made a name for it self with these dramas. They are different from the dramas from the Big 3 tv networks, you can say they have been trend setting and stepping outside the box. Maybe it is because its a cable channel, that they are able to do more, dare to show and talk about topics generally deemed not suitable or fitting for mainstream TV.

MSH is the work of screenwriter Kim Ye-Ri and Kim Do-Hyun, Kim Ye-Ri wrote the first four episodes but unfortunately passed away due to cancer before she got the chance to see to the end of the drama and either defended the failing drama or reap the success of it. Prior to MSH, Kim Ye-Ri has only penned two other drama – Lie to Me and Heading to the Ground – of the two I have only seen Lie to Me. LtM was quirky and I liked the way the drama was written but due to low ratings producers decided to replace Kim Ye-Ri for another screenwriter, but by this time the drama already had a flow to it so there wasn’t much to change except how the story plans out. In regards to HttG, I never did bother to watch it let alone give it a millisecond of my time, just hearing the names of the leads – Jung Yun Ho & Go Ah Ra – that was enough to put me off, one who can’t act and the other is overrated, even with dramas like Reply 1994, You’re All Surrounded & The Night Watchman was not enough to change my mind in the slightest bit! But enough about that! Hearing that the screenwriter is Kim Ye-Ri I anticipate something quirky but stylish, but also it being a tvN drama I hope the cinematography would be shot nicely if possibly beautifully (as our leads are quite the lookers).

What really got me to notice this drama first was female lead Yoo In Na, I admit to having a bit of a soft spot for her, I think its down to the fact I liker her as a person (not that I know her personally), she comes across as just a really nice girl! I loved her in Queen In Hyun’s Man, I believe that was her first drama as a lead and she nailed it! Chemistry with douchebag Ji Hyun Woo was amazing, but we all know the real reason why that was right. She pulled off a decent effort in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin but her character was annoying, oh but don’t forget My Love from Another Star, they pretty much forgot about her in that… it was an awful performance!

What really tipped the ice bucket (no relation to the over the top challenge) was the  announcement that Jin Yi Han wasthe leading man!! My days did I only watch Empress Ki for Tal Tal (he was the only good thing about Empress Ki to be honest), him and his sexy smoldering looks damnnn he’s HOT!  In regards second male lead Nam Goong Min I have only seen one other drama he was in and that was I Need Romance 3 (which I have also wrote about here) and to be honest what I am seeing so far in MSH his performance and even character seems just like the character he played in INR3 but without the heartbreak though Yoo In Na will be providing that later.


Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) and Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) are a divorced couple. They meet again after seven years when Sang Hyo, a hotel wedding planning manager, has to plan Goo Hae Young’s second wedding. Things get complicated when they get sucked into a murder case in the hotel.

Credit: Drama Wiki

Above is a brief plot summary, but after watching the first 4 episodes I can tell you now there is more mystery than just the murder. Side characters all with a secret story of their own to tell and it doesn’t feel as if it is too much, there are dramas out there where it feels as if the side characters’ story just seems to take up a chunk of the drama but in MSH that doesn’t seem the case.

I have watched four episodes so far but I knew after episode one that this will be addicting…. its drama-crack! The chemistry between our three leads is amazing, specially between our female and male leads Yoo In Na  and Jin Yi Han , I totally believe they are in love and they should be together in real life too what a shame a douchebag has ruined it from happening!!!! Sorry second male lead Nom Goong Min but you are the typical secondary character who will act as a catalyst to get my two leads together!! There is no second female lead but there is a side character who is around our male lead she is intertaining to watch and shes a bit of an ice-breaker too, played by actress  Ha Yun Jo.

Doesn’t Jin Yi Han just look SMEXY in his individual poster!!!

 Until next time…



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