Just over a month ago I discovered a new beauty box called MEMEBox, what makes it different is that its a beauty boxed with just Korean products. I have previously subscribed to Glossybox andBirch boxin the UK, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting them on a monthly basis but towards the end of 2013 I just decided I wasn’t using the products enough to justify getting them on a monthly basis.

MEMEBox is based in the US, with their Head Quarter in California but all their boxes are went directly from South Korea. What’s even better is that they offer international shipping!!! Something I LOVE!!! Being based in the UK, I’ve always preferred the look of american beauty boxes but unfortunately international shipping wasn’t an option. I was ready to be disappointed with MEMEBox when I found out it was an US company (automatically thinking international shipping wasn’t available) but boy was I proved wrong!!

MEMEBox started out with just the standard MEMEbox which offers between 4 to 8 products of either full size or deluxe samples carefully selected by the MEME experts in South Korea. Every MEMEbox has the same products which means they do NOT off the option to cater the box around your own specification like what other brands and companies may offer. So far 12 MEMEboxes have been released. Prices for the standard MEMEBox are usually $23.00 (price is USD) but can be as much as $39.00 for the more specialised MEMEBoxes.

After the success of the standard MEMEbox, the SUPERBoxwas launched. SUPERBox was inspired but the customers of the MEMEbox but the difference is the SUPERBox contains 4 or 5 FULL sized products and each box has a particular theme, for example the SUPERBox I ordered was the ‘make-up’ themed box. Previous themes included ‘hydration’ ‘Etude House box’ ‘ Anti Ageing’ and so on. So far 7 SUPERBoxes have been released. Prices for range from $39.00 to $69.00

MEMEBox’s latest box is called LUCKYBox. All of the boxes from MEMEBox are subject to limited stock but the LUCKYBoxes are even more limited as they are boxes created to contain a selection (I’m not too sure how many products are in these boxes but I would assume its something between 4 to 8 products) of the most popular products from previous MEMEboxes. So if you have missed out on some of the older MEMEBoxes but want a taste of the products they had, then LUCKYBox is the box for you. So far only four LUCKYBoxes have been released and prices were all $23.00.


That’s my brief introduction to MEMEBox, and a follow up post will be a mini review to my VERY FIRST MEMEBox!!!! So when I first discovered MEMEBox, I got a little excited and ordered a few…. but that doesn’t mean I’ll be getting then all in the one go as some of them were pre-orders with different shipping dates. Out of the boxes I ordered, it was the SUPERBox #2 that had the earliest shipping date!!! As I mentioned above each SUPERBox……… TO BE CONTINUED!!!!


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