Mini Haul From South Korea

A friend of mine recently went back to South Korea and she asked if there was anything I wanted her to bring back for me….. my eyes glistened, they sparkled as if someone had let me loose in a candy store. To be honest usually when someone ask me whether I want anything brought back from Asia, my answer to it usually is ‘nuh there’s nothing I really want or need’ but this time there were a few things I actually wanted so naturally I said ‘YES PLEASSSSSSSE’.

It was only a few thing…. I’m not greedy XD.

[Sorry for the slightly blurry/only focus on certain areas, forgot to change my camera settings XD]

Left to Right: Tony Moly’s Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid, Banila.Co Jessica Season 2 Flash Eye Shadow Palette, Mizon ALL In One Snail Repair Cream, Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel and a few Black Hair Ties

I’ve read and heard some amazing reviews on this Tony Moly’s foot mask and thought I should try it out as well. I’ve recently started to where heeled shoes a whole lot more than I used to (usually more of a Vans and Converse kind of girl but since starting my new job heels became the first things I go for (wearing heels at my previous job was a big NO NO not that I couldn’t just that I’d be running around all day and it would be stupid to)) so the skin around the heel of my foot and the ball of my foot has started to get dry/hard/crack. This stuff is suppose to do wonders, its called peeling for a reason as after serval treatments the skin will start to peel away and what you are left should be a nice soft and smooth foot!! Can’t wait to try it! Will update again after a few treatments (I bought 5 packs in total, so 5 treatments). Each pack contains 1 pair of foot mask sheets, the foot mask liquid and a foot cream.


Next thing I asked for is the Banila Co. Jessica (of SNSD) Season 2 Eyeshadow Palette, and no not because of Jessica but because I actually like the colours of the palette. To be honest I probably have similar colours already but I just liked it.

Here is a swatch of the palette, two of the shades (the first and fourth from the left) don’t show up that well on my skin, that’s probably due to those two shade being a cream/yellow base and me being yellow skinned (I’m Chinese you see) XD. The first shade from the left has the most skimmer from the looks of it, you could probably use that shade as a base colour or even as the last step if you wanted to just add more shimmer by just lightly patting it. But what I did find with this first shade is that its quite flaky, the shimmer  just SPREADS, so I would definitely recommend using a primer first! All the other shades, don’t seem to be as flaky and are actually quite pigmented, so I’m looking forward to actually using it.

Lately the ‘Snail Slim’ trend seems to be all over the place!! Everything I read or see there seems to be a ‘snail slim’ product, sounds a little gross doesn’t it? But apparently snail slim is suppose to do wonders for the skin…. LOL I say wonders but take it with a pinch of salt. Snail Slim or mucus is full of collagen, glycolic acid and other compounds that aid in the regeneration or skin cells and help to hear cuts and scars. I was and suppose still am sceptical about using snail slim skincare products but this particular product has gotten some good reviews, good enough for me to actually want to try it.  So stay tuned for a more in depth review once I have used it for a while (but don’t expect it too soon as I’ve still got a few other products to use before it).

This is a multi functional product that can act as a toner, moisturiser or sleeping mask all in one. Contains 90% concentrated seaweed and other marine extracts, this gel is bursting with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, that help to boost skin resilience, hydration and protect skin from environmental damages and pollutants. With added benefits of CoQ10, collagen and aloe vera, this gel canalso help to firm skin, enhance cell regeneration and soothe sensitive skin. That is why it is called ‘youth in a bottle’.

Lastly its Lioele’s Seaweed Gel, this is a gel based moisturiser that can be used on the face or body.  Above is taken from Lioele’s website as a description for the product and after reading it…. how can I not purchase it right??? Also helped that after further research the product has gotten some good reviews. I’m a fan of gel moisturisers as they’re much lighter than creams. I use a few more skincare products than the usual toner, serum and moisturiser so I usually prefer a nice light gel base moisturiser to just seal everything in. But I don’t think I’ll be using this Lioele product for that reason, I got it for those days my skin is really dry (usually due to weather change) or to use as a once or twice a week moisture boost.

Until next time x



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