Drama Review: I Need Romance 3

I’m slowly, slowly falling in love…. and I’d like to say well done to k-drama ‘I Need Romance 3′. You have achieved what I think this drama has set out to achieve.

I Need Romance 3 is the third instalment of Korean cable channel tvN’s ‘I Need Romance’ series. Do not be afraid as you do not need to watch the previous two series to be able to watch the third. The only thing that connects all three series is that they all share the name I Need Romance, all three series have their own plots and their own set of cast.

It all started with the popular first series I Need Romance, starring Jo Yeo Jung and Kim Jung HoonThe series was dubbed the Korean version of Sex and the City. Female best friend who love to chat about their love lives. The series was not afraid to talk about the more physical and intimate aspects of a relationship (hence why it was being marketed as the Korean S&tC). I did watch this first series and did thoroughly enjoy it, but I did find it somewhat predictable and that it drag on or sped through certain parts. I never did watch series two so unfortunately I can’t really comment on it but lets get back to series three!!

So this winter tvN debuted the 16 episode series on 13th January 2014, taking the 21:40pm Monday/Tuesday slot. This series stars actress Kim So Yeon (who many of you may recognise from K-drama Iris) and actor Sung Joon (starred in Can We Get Married? and Shut Up Flower Boy Band) as the leads, second leads are actress Wang Ji Won and actor Nam Goong Min. Rounding off the cast are Park Hyo Joo, Yoon Seung Ah and Park Yoo Hwan who play Kim So Yeon’s character’s colleagues. 

A drama focuses on the lives of employees at a home shopping company and revolves around the competition, friendship and love between friends in their 20s and 30s. This drama will depict how working women in Korea live their lives at work and at home and how they mingle with friends and try to find love.

Taken from Dramawiki

Above is a brief plot summary taken from my favourite drama information site: Dramawiki

It doesn’t really tell you much does it?? So let me elaborate a little (more like waffle on in more detail). Kim So Yeon plays leading lady Shin Joo Yeon who is a team leading for a home shopping channel (whats up with the home shopping channel trend?), she is a woman who has closed the door on her emotions a long time ago (due to bad experiences in relationships). She’s so out of touch that she now no longer knows if she ‘likes’ someone or not.

Sung Joon plays leading man Joo Wan/Allen Wan who is a famous producer/composer who would be coming back to South Korea for a while after living in United States for 17 years (he left when he was nine years old).

So how are the two leads connected? Well Joo Yeon’s mother used to work for Joo Wan’s parents as a maid and that of course includes being a nanny/babysitter for Joo Wan (since he was a tiny baby up till the age he left for American). Being the good daughter that Joo Yeon is, of course she helps out by looking after Joo Wan as well. Let me add that Joo Yeon is six years older that Joo Wan, so this will be a noona-dongsaeng relationship. One of the reasons Joo Wan did go back to South Korea was for Joo Yeon, she is his first love, well you could say he never really forgot her. He only has fond memories of their childhood, that Shing Shing (his nickname for Joo Yeon) was a warm loving noona who taught him a lot. One of the main reasons he got into the music business was because of a memory of Joo Yeon teaching him how to express various emotions on a piano. Joo Yeon didn’t exactly have the same memories as Joo Wan, to her she remembered Joo Wan (who she called Sweet Potato as she said he was ugly as a child and looked like sweet potatoes) as a spoilt rich kid who was a little difficult to handle, add to the fact that her and her mother always had to be careful he never got hurt, sick or even upset him (you know… he has rich parents and they couldn’t afford to lose the job). As fate (and some circumstances) would have it, Joo Wan was to live at Joo Yeon’s place for the period of time he was in South Korea for.

Nam Goong Min plays Kang Tae Yoon who is the director of the home shopping channel Joo Yeon works for, Joo Yeon also calls him her Sunbae because he is her senior at the company and he pretty much trained her. Kang Tae Yoon is also the ex-boyfriend to Wang Ji Won’s Oh Se Ryung, and of course the breakup wasn’t a good one and they still have feelings for each other. Oh Se Ryung is a Top Stylist (*rolls eyes*) and rumour has it that it wasn’t just because of hard work that she got to where is is but because she had some special connections (if you get what I mean, oh and it was because of that she and Tae Yoon broke up). Oh did I mention that Oh Se Ryung was Joo Yeon’s best friend while they were in high school, I said was as they are now worse enemies, cut to the chase Se Ryung stole Joo Yeon’s boyfriend in high school and that experience also may have added to Joo Yeon being so emotionally shut off.

The most random connection is Joo Wan and Oh Se Ryung, they happened to work with each other in the US and have been good friends ever since (the end). LOL

Wow just realised my character summaries are quite long…. SORRY!! ^______^

I’m not going to go into much detail on the plot as I think I’ll leave it to you guys to watch it, but what I will go into is why I like it so much.

From the get go, and by that I mean episode 1, the series had me hooked with its cinematography. It was so beautifully filmed, how they had the flash backs into the childhood and then the present, it was just so beautiful. It just had this whimsical feel to it, a warmth glow. The drama is written pretty well, I like the fact the drama is not rushing to the finishing line but allows the time to convey each characters emotions and their story (even the sub characters).

Another HUGE factor is why I like the drama so much is because of the Original Sound Track, this was also a big factor in making the drama ‘beautiful’. So far only five parts of the OST has been released (expect more to come as the drama is still airing). First is a ballad from singer Lee Hyori called Don’t Cry, man this was unexpected from the Queen that is Lee Hyori, the song is BEAUTIFUL and fits so well into the drama and at the right times. Part two is a song by French group  Peppermoon called Peu A Peu, love that its a French song, its a fun quirky song. Third song is by MBLAQ member G.O called You, this of course is more of a pop song, and it doesn’t insert into the drama as well as the others and that’s probably why it really isn’t used as a insert song (there are so few scenes you can insert it into). Its more like a trailer song, a advertisement song. Fourth song is by Korean group Linus’ Blanket called Late Love, this is is fun song with jazz elements, this song for me is similar to You as in there are not many scenes where you can actually insert it in too. The fifth OST and the latest OST to be out is my favourite of the bunch so far is a song by Korean sing Jo Jung Hee called Now and Forever. I LOVE this song!!! Seriously this song suits the drama so well and so perfectly inserted in to the drama!!! LOVEEEE. The song is in full English, I can’t say its 100% perfect English as it isn’t but its like 95% perfect! Now and Forever is a slow tempo jazz song, its got so much grooooooove, its the kind of song that makes me sway while clicking my fingers to the beat!

I do apologise as my reviews are usually like this…. its not really a review just me rambling one… XD But I leave you with a clip of Jo Jung Hee’s Now and Forever



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