Cosmetics: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a British make-up artist who has worked with top magazines, models, fashion shows and campaigns…… and thats all that I know about her XD.

I’ll be very very honest I only knew of her while watching a video on youtube (gossmakeupartist) and I was intrigued by what he said about the Rock ‘N’ Kohl eyeliners….that it was budge (smugde) proof. I have this thing where my eyelids are slightly oily and pencil liners tend to flake off (eye shadow is fine tends to be just liners). Also (I’m asumming most people is the same) lining my water line is just a NO GO because it lasts for about 5seconds and thats it!!

The Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics line launched in Selfridges on Monday 2nd of September so I decided to check out the line on the Friday of that week (only because I had to head in to central to get some stuff anyway). The CT counter was right next to the Laura Mercier counter (it almost looked as if it was an extension of the LM counter). I was really surprised at how small the counter was… I’m pretty sure the Laura Mercier counter was made smaller for it…. then again Selfridges doesn’t have a lot of space… (you know what they need to do, knock that walk where it goes to that new beauty section and make it into a massive area) and yet they are still adding in new brands and counters.

So here is what I got

Both Rock ‘N’ Kohl liquid eyeliners (Bedroom Black and Barbarella Brown) and a K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Penelope Pink.

With the Rock ‘N’ Kohl liners you do have to let it set as it is a liquid liner but in a pencil form, but once it sets….. it was pretty much smudge proof so it’ll take a oil based remove to remove it without the fuss of rubbing (which we all know is not good for the eye). The lipstick is very creamy… I like! It has a nice texture to it but lets see if it breaks me out (I really should have tried it on before buying it right… but oh well). Oh oh the only thing I don’t like about the lipsticks is that it has Vanillin which is why it smells of vanilla, which I’d say about 70% of cosmetic brands use this for that purpose. To be honest I don’t know why they use it, yes its to make it smell nice… but I hate it, now thinking about it maybe its Vanillin that gives me breakouts in some lippies (most MAC ones do), lets hope for my wallet that, that isn’t the case.

I may very well go back for another lippie and a blush…..



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