Carnaby 20% Style Night

When I first got the email about this event, I automatically thought it was a bit early as the twice annually 20% shopping event was usually in November (May is the other one for the first half of the year), then I read the name of the event and it was the Carnaby Men’s 20% Style night which I’m assuming its with association with GQ magazine (please correct me if I’m wrong) as I’m sure there was once an event like that.

The usual shopping event, the one that started the trend with these kind of shopping events is the Grazia shopping event and yes you guessed it, its in association with Grazia Magazine. To be honest there isn’t much difference between the events as pretty all the same stores participate, there are always going to be some sort event going on around, store will have free booze and in store events to attract customers, so as a customer I just go to soak up the atmosphere, get free booze (yes I admit that) and get my 20% off discount. I’m a wearer of Vans and Converses (I loveeeeeee them) so I use this opportunity to stock up on them…. LOL yes stock up!! I can easily batter a pair quite quickly. Its not like they’re expensive to buy… but why pay full price when I can get it at 20% off and get it at least twice a year!!! Oh how could I forget the other reason why I go…. the goodie bags XD yes the goodie bags!!! *touch wood* I have always been able to get a goodie bag. Goodie bags are fulled with… goodies hahahah a lot of the stuff has been with or donated by participating stores (remember getting an American Apparel skirt in one once) but yea… I’m not sure the GQ events will have goodie bags though.

Oh wait yes there is a difference between these events…. that is MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics) only participates in the Grazia event…. which is a bummer as I need a back up powder… oh well I’ll just have to wait till November.!!

So what are the details>>>> Thursday 12th September 2013, 5pm-9pm CARNABY STREET.

You need a shopping ticket to get the discount offers, to do that all you have to do is sign up and you can do that with the link provided below.

So if you’re in London or will be finishing work and are around there area, why not check it out!! If you’re not planning on buying anything why not just go for the free drinks XD


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