Drama: I Hear Your Voice

At the moment there really isn’t any good dramas out there, I mean that across the board, whether its a JDrama/KDrama/CDrama/TDrama, there really isn’t a good one that has enticed me to follow it like a mad woman!!

BUT there are a few that I am pleasantly following, not like a mad woman (when I say mad woman I mean a drama where I would watch the raws not understanding a single word and then re-watch it when the subs come out, though this does not really apply to C&Tdramas as my mandarin is good enough to watch without subs).

Today I’m going to talk about ‘I Hear Your Voice 너의 목소리가 들려’, an SBS drama airing in the Wednesday&Thursday 10pm slot. Currently ranking #1 against dramas from the other two big channels, ‘The Queen’s Classroom 여왕의 교실’ from MBC and ‘Mandate of Heaven 천명’ from KBS. To be honest ‘I hear your voice’ doesn’t have much competition to rank #1, because the other two dramas really aren’t that good (Queen’s Classroom is like a failed attempt at Gokusen‘ and Mandate of Heaven is just boring) and IHYV is just so easy to watch, the storyline is actually good. The writers could have very easily made the whole ‘I can hear people’s thoughts’ storyline very very cheesy and wacky and predictable… but its actually quite subtle, I like.

IHYV stars:

Lee Jong Suk (male lead) as Park So Ha

Lee Bo Young (female lead) as Jang Hye Sung

Yang Sung Hyun (2nd male lead) as Cha Kwan Woo

Lee Da Hee (2nd female lead) as Seo Do Yeon

Jung Woong In (villain) as Min Joon Gook

One reason why this drama may have started off really well is because this was the drama Lee Jong Suk followed up with after the highly successful and popular School 2013 (if you haven’t watched it then go and watch it as I highly recommended it, rather reminds me of a mash up between every Japanese school drama, think Gokusen and Dragon Zakura). It was also the drama that threw Lee Jong Suk into everyones faces (like he is literally EVERYWHERE!!!) not that I’m complaining too much as I quite like him as an actor. Yes his face is a little plasticky, like it doesn’t move much LOL (I’d say its the mid section of his face the cheeks and nose) but there is a charm to his looks (yes I prefer guys with a more unique charm, pretty attractive guys are just good to look at XD).

So what is this drama about?? It starts of (like most) in the ‘childhood’ era, child Park So Ha was driving along with his father when some dude tries to murder them and fake it like an traffic accident, only to be seen by two girls, Jung Hye Sung and Seo Do Yeon. Guy gets sent to prison for murder and vows come after Park So Ha to finish the job and Jung Hye Sung for coming out and naming him in court (Seo Do Yeon never came forth so Min Joon Guk didn’t know who the other girl was).

Fast forward 11 years, Jung Hye Sung and Seo Do Yeon are in the legal field, while Park So Ha is in the last year of high school and Min Joon Guk is about to be released and so ignites a list of events, involving Jung Hye Sung’s mother being murdered, Park So Ha losing his memory and ability, Seo Do Yeon discovers her birth roots and many many more.

NOTE: [I’m not really liking Lee Bo Young’s character Jung Hye Sung, because she seems to rely on Park So Ha’s ability for her own selfish needs, you’re a public defender so act like a professional one!]

The drama is planned to finish in a few weeks but there are already calls to extend it.

Go give it a go and maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I do..



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