Mini Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (BB Cream)

So BB creams have officially made its move into the UK, to be exact on the shelves of Superdrugs (one of the UK’s leading drug stores). Popped into my local Superdrugs, just to look around (as I usually do) and I happened to spot on display Garnier’s new product ‘Miracle Skin Perfector’, Garnier’s answer to BB Cream.

So does it live up to the Asian sensation (I know that was cheesy right)??? Before I give me conclusion lets have a look at some swatches first.

This is the Light shade, the BB cream in true fashion only came in two shades, Light and Medium. Initial thoughts on it were that it didn’t seem too heavy, it was quite light weight which is a good thing. I’m of Chinese ethnic and even I think the Light is a little too dark for me. In the picture it doesn’t look dark but the actual cream is darker, it has more of a yellow base, and you’re thinking why am I complaining (you know being Chinese). Yes my skin is more of a yellow tone than a pink tone but BB Creams oxidizes to fit your own skin colour, which means it will get darker, hence why I would always pick a shade lighter than a shade that truly matches my skin tone. That is only for BB Creams of a yellow base.

The Cream is quite smooth, the above is just the general rubbing of the cream with no blending.

Blended out, as you can see it does blend in quite well and quite easily, there is a slight sheen to it too and some people may like that. Unfortunately I’m too keen on the sheenyness of it, I have combination skin so my t-zone gets oily and that just isn’t good for it!

So after reading my initial thoughts, you’ll think I have a good impression of it right? I’d probably buy it right?? Well if that was the kind of answer you were looking for then I’m sorry as its actually not my answer.

I’m afraid I won’t be adding this Garnier product to my collection of BB Creams, why? Well its simple, I don’t like the shades it offers, its too dark for me and it has a really strong perfume like fragrance to it. Yes I have a few BB Creams that smell sooo too but this was just too much for me. Yes the cream was smooth and blend-able but there was a certain thick feeling to it that I didn’t like… a bit too much like thick cream maybe??

Will BB Creams really take off in the West?? I’m not sure, foundation and tinted moisturisers are too much of a big hit, plus if future brands release BB Creams with similar shades, won’t it be too dark for (should I say it?) Caucasians? If I found Garniers Light too dark then what will it look like on Caucasians?? Like tinted moisturisers thats what, or even worse a alternative tanning cream…. It just too dark! Did they create these shades with the tanned skinned in mind?? Well BB Creams are not for that purpose.

The main factor that made me tip over the fence to the ‘no buy’ side is the price £9.99 ARE YOU KIDDDING ME!!!! I DON’T THINK SO!!!

Oh on a note, this mini review is based on my 5minuets in Superdrugs!!! MUWAHAHAHA Yes I am quick to judge, but I have good instincts when it comes to cosmetics and skin care, I tend to know what I like and what I won’t!



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