Shopping: Mini Hauls!!!!

Just a quick post to show you guys some of my shopping hauls, I’ve bought cine the start of the year. I used to show them via my photo project but since I’m given up on it decided to do them as ‘Shopping’. Which will be made up of loads of random stuff that I have bought, whether it be beauty products, clothing, accessories, food and just everything. Whatever it maybe I’ll stick it under the header ‘Shopping’ but of course I’ll catergorise it under the relevant category.

To be honest though a lot of the times I just forget to take pictures!!! I’ll also try and do mini reviews as I go along (and remember), for example stuff from today’s haul may be reviewed in a post in the next few days or weeks (I’m the lazy type!!)

Today’s haul will be of beauty products!! WOOOOHOOOO I’m a skin care addict, and I suppose you can say that I’ve turned into bit of a cosmetics addict too.

L to R: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus BR666, Canmake Melty Nude 04 Peach Beige, 
Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek Peach Macaron

Some items I asked my friend in Hong Kong to get for me!!!!

L to R: Skinfood's Aloe Sun BB Cream and Red Bean BB Cream both in shade 1, Tony Moly's Tony Tint
in Red Apple and Cherry Pink

Bought these some time ago now, so unlike in the picture where its still in its packaging, they’ve all been opened and used!!

My MASSIVE Naruko haul!!! 15 products!!!! Too many to list, but I’ll definitely review these…. when I finally use them!! These will be replacing some of the products in my skin care routine as I finish them up (which isn’t long to go)


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