How To: Ichigo Daifuku

About a month ago now, I decided to try my hand at making Japanese confectionery  Ichigo Daifuku which in English is a Strawberry Mochi (in most cases anko/red bean paste would be used too).

So what to make this??? Read on!


100g Glutinous Rice Flour, also known as Shiratamako or Mochiko
2 tbsp Sugar
95-100ml Water
4-6 Strawberries (depending on size)
150g Anko – Sweet Red Bean Paste (this is the Japanese one, the paste is thick with whole beans and mould-able)
Katakuri Starch (potato starch), also known as Katakuriko – This is only used for dusting

1) Add the Sugar to the Glutinous flour and mix.

2) Slowly add the water and mix.

First it will seem quite hard to mix or that there is not enough water, but carry on mixing and soon it should become a mixture like the below picture:

If you really do find the consistency of the mixture a little thick add more water but little by little.

3) Now steam the mixture to roughly 15minutes (steam by placing mixture on a stand inside a pot with hot water, on high heat)

4) Now prepare the strawberries. What you want to do is wrap the strawberries with the anko paste and roll it into small balls. But because I bought the Chinese red bean paste (as the store had ran out of anko paste) it was harder to wrap as the paste was not mould-able, so I have to think of a way to do it.

First cover a small amount of red bean paste with the katakuri starch, and mould.

Make sure your hand is always dusted with katakuri starch, this is to ensure the red bean paste does not stick to the hand.

Now you can wrap the strawberry.

Roll it into a round ball, you don’t have to completely cover the strawberry, but you can if you want to.

Should look roughly like the above.

5) The glutinous rice mixture should now be ready and it is now a mochi paste, have a taste, does it taste like mochi?? Take the mixture out of the pot and give it a good mix.

6) Dust your hands with katakuri starch (the mochi is sticky and the starch will prevent it sticking to your hand) and split the mochi mixture into six pieces (or to how many strawberries you have, but make sure it’ll be enough to cover the strawberry). Place them on a plate with katakuri starch on.

7) Take a piece of the mochi, stretch and mould the mochi into round disc, remember to always have your hands dusted with starch.

(At this point my mother decided to  get in on it and took over hahaha)

7) Now wrap the strawberry with the mochi

Be careful as you don’t want to mess up the red bean paste.

Close the mould by pinching the mochi together.

8) Roll the mochi with your hands to give it a better shape and dust with katakuri starch (have you ever noticed white powder on the mochi you’ve bought in shops before? Well this is katakuir starch!)

WAAALAAAA The final product!!

Here is the best part, before you eat the mochi always cut it in half first!

Isn’t it just so PRETTY????

Hope you enjoyed this How To and let me know how you get on!!

Credit: cookingwithdog @ youtube [original recipe]


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