St.Reatham Halts to a Stand Still…

Its the early afternoon and I’ve decided to take a scroll down the High Street. I know I keep banging on about St.Reathams and compared to other areas of London it got away with very minimal damage, but this is my community, its too close for comfort and I to keep an eye on it.

As I was walking by many businesses were close or they were about to close, shutters were down or they were half way down as they prepared to close. Members of the public roaming the streets bewildered by the numerous stores that are closed, but what do you expect? They need to prepare for the worse as it is unpredictable as to what will happen.

Here are a few pictures I have taken:

One of the stores that where attacked last night, fortunately I don’t think much was looted as police acted quite quickly and the store apparently also had a smoke cloak installed so as soon as it thr alarm went off, it reacted. Today the store was boarding up the smashed windows as well other all the other windows.

Two other stores and business that the owners have barricaded in preparation for the worse.

A Cash for Jewellery place emptied their windows in fear for smash and grabs. I have another picture of the Cash for Gold place with all their windows and displays emptied in fear of attacks as well but unfortunately because of the shutters the picture was very reflective so you couldn’t see it properly.

Five Police Vans zoom pass down the high street, only for another four to zoom pass a few minuets later.

I received a text from a friend earlier saying that he read somewhere that about 300 youths from Thorton Heath are apparently heading towards St.Rethams….. May just be rumors or just trash talk but its all unpredictable at the moment.


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