London is Burning Down pt.2

I went to bed a little past 3am last night (or very early this morning) only to be awoken at around 7am….. because I heard noises just like things being pushed over, things being barged and etc. Fortunately it was just the Bin Men.

Yes my area St.Reatham was not hit any where near as bad as other areas of London, we just a had a handful of stores looted (the police were quick to react), but it was too close for comfort. Last nights ‘riots’, actually ‘riots’ is not quite the right word, THUGARY maybe? CRIMINALS maybe?

Unlikely Sunday night’s riots, Monday’s was worse, in the sense anything and EVERYTHING was being attacked, being set on FIRE. These are people’s livelihoods , these are peoples homes and cars!!!

How do you even think about setting a building, a car, someone’s home on fire??? I don’t get it!!!

Yesterday on the news, there were a lot of people going on talking to the new presenters GIVING EXCUSES for these youths as to why this has happened. BOREDOM, NOTHING TO DO IN THE SUMMER, LACK OF YOUTHS CENTRE, ANGER and ETC THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR WHAT THEY DID!!!!! I’m BORED AT WORK AT TIMES, DO I SET MY COMPANY ON FIRE???? NO!!!!!!

Hate to say it but these people who have said this OPEN YOUR EYES!!! IT IS NOT ABOUT RACE (although they have not said it is a race thing but you can tell by the people who are saying it are hinting it out), IT IS NOT ABOUT AGE EITHER, THERE ARE OLD THERE ARE YOUNG (really young), IT IS ABOUT A CRIMINAL ACT TO CAUSE DAMAGE AND HURT TO OTHERS!!! TO YOUR OWN CITY, YOUR OWN COMMUNITY!!!!!

I have seen videos of the events from yesterday and I have been disgusted!! I wanted to throw up!!!

SCUM SCUM SCUM!!! Actually scum is too nice of a word!!! I’m Disgusted!!!!


Yes there were not enough Polices on the streets of London, but they will always be out numbered, we as a community need to stand together and support the police lets not criticise, lets not show a un-unified state.

Credit: @yassin (twitter)

This pictutre really sums it all.


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