Blackberry Messenger…

 The debate on Blackberry Messenger:

To block, or not to block, social media applications – like Blackberry’s BBM service – that are helping to spread the word about the riots. Tory MP Patrick Mercer tells the Today programme on Radio 4 that blocking the service would be “interfering with our own liberties”. Meanwhile Mike Butcher, editor of the TechCrunch Europe website and a digital adviser to the Mayor of London, says any block on the service would be ineffective as information about riots would “root around” it.

I also woke up to find this Blackberry Message, I do not know any THUGS so I won’t get any of the so called planning messages!

According to BBC News, News Websites and trends on Facebook or Twitter, next locations to affected in a new few hours or tonight:

Bank Highstreet
Beckton (Gallions Reach)
Bethnal Green
Bow/Roman Road
Brick Lane
Canning Town
Ilford (confirmed to be happening now)
Liverpool Street Station
Mile End
Romford Centre/Highstreet
Seven Kings

A current total cost of £7,050,000 – £10,400,00 (not confirmed) has been caused in damages and a total of 1,350+ jobs have been lost.
Other news:

Shops have been ordered to shut early and take their stock out of their shops including locations listed above including Bond Street, Canada Water, Canary Wharf, Covent Gardens, Oxford Circus, Marble Arch, Picadilly Circus and Tottenham Court Road and Victoria. 

Burning of cars and shops have also started again being caused by petrol bombs. Riots are expected to start in Essex after Romford including Southend.

The riots are now being organised/run by gangs/communities of each area to meet up to start it, it has nothing to do with Mark Duggan anymore. Police have been ordered to start using gas and permission to fire at people’s foots so if you even think about getting involved you should stay at home. Large shopping centres are also being isolated with people in them to allow mass arrests.

Everyone is advised to not go out tonight.

Re-broadcast this update for keep everyone alerted and safe.
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


I’m keeping up to date on the London Riot situation via BBC News and Sky news.

A female teenager was just shown on the the BBC News talking to the reporter and her reasons for the riots by London’s Youth is because they get no respect from The Police…. So you get not respect from The Police and you go and burn down businesses, homes and other things. You have lost all respect from the entire Country now, no excuses.


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