Day Seventy One: Fun Day Out

Today would have been a lot better if I didn’t have to work the first half of the day!!!!

After work I met up with some old school friends, we do these meet ups every now and then and I always love their company, think we should meet up more often!!!

Went to eat then a few drinks and then another friend and her sister joined us!!

It was so nice just drinks chatting and just enjoying your time!!!

Then there were three, myself, Dina and Donna decided to go clubbing after. We ended up in Metra in Leicester Square as we all got in for free. Well to be honest we probably could have gotten in to any club for free….. three girls on a saturday night, clubs need girls to spread out the numbers a little!

But it was surprisingly pretty good, I have been to Metra before and I must say I’ve had more bad nights than good there. The music was good, yes the number to males out numbered the females so yes we had people hitting on us but we know how to handle it!! We also met two lovely guys in the club, both Koreans.



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