Day Twenty Five: OHHhhh My Nose

My brother asked me the other if I knew of any creams of any remedies that actually reduce acne. I thought about it and there are loads of ‘methods’, but do any of them actually work and most are really down to the person.

I remember reading somewhere some time ago that With Hazel is a really good and cost ineffective method. So I thought I’ll get a bottle when I happened to be in my local drug store.
I have the odd break out and pimple every now and thing so I thought I could use it when it happens (just in time as I’ve had a massive break out!).

I opened the bottle put some on a cotton pad and brought it towards my face….. OH THE SMELL!!!!! Its so bad!!!!! I can’t stand it at all!!!
I’m hoping I’ll get used to it as I use it!


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