Adele: 21

I’m currently listening to Adele’s 21 album, its her long awaited follow up second album. Her first album 19 pretty much set the industry on FIRE!! It was a pretty good album (no it was a great album), it lead her to enter the American market, and succeed though it wasn’t an overnight success. She won two Grammy’s in 2009.

Adele’s new album is slightly different to her first album, musicially. She still keeps her jazz element but the new one has a hint of country/folk brushed over the songs. I still really like the album, but do I love it as much as the first album? Probably not, I’m not saying it doesn’t stand up to the first album, it does, it really does. For me, the bang of the first album just won’t come with any other albums she’ll come out with as 19 was the first album. Also the second album is a little darker, the first album had a hint of darkness but this album is like dark but not overly I’m so depress I’m going to kill myself.
It doesn’t feel like the depressed darkness, just another kind.

Over all I do really like this album and what is my favourite track? Of course its Rolling In The Deep.

Below I’ll link the music video, when I can find a good one.


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