Case of The Ex

On friday evening after work, I went to have dinner with my ex-boyfriend. When I told some workmates they asked ‘won’t it be awkward?’ I simply replied with ‘no it shouldn’t be, we ended on quite good terms’. Towards the end of my shift at work, I received a phone call from a friend, she said she heard I was meeting K (ex’s initial) for dinner and questioned if it was really ok? I’m now thinking ‘ok so what’s the big deal’? My friend advised: its not a big deal as it isn’t like you guys broke up horribly, but its why you broke up, if there wasn’t that unchangeable factor would we have broken up? My answer was ‘no, not then at least’. But I know we’ve moved on and things are not the same as they were. Its not like I’m going to fall head over heels as soon as I see him (it wasn’t even like that back then!!), I’m not that kind of rash person anyway.
My friend was correct, its not a big deal but there will be questions asked and things talked about that maybe exes just shouldn’t do.

So the big day, I haven’t seen K in almost 3years (wow it has been long), and first impressions were nothings changed, just that the hair is a little shorter and slightly shaved on one side (I remember its a style of hair cut I’ve always wanted him to get). My first words were ‘I like the hair’. ‘Thanks, my stylist did it’ were his, ‘oh you’ve always wanted me to do something like it as well right?’ (So he remembered).

We went to an Italian restaurant, one that we used to go to. We were there for ages!! Just chatting and chatting up it was really really nice!! We even spoke about people we had dated!! I know!!! How awesome, you’d normally not talk about stuff like that!!
We were just friends catching up over dinner!! But then he started to…. Flirt…. And as soon as I noticed I said ‘ARE YOU FLIRTING with me!!!! DON’T!! It freaks me out and slightly disgusts me!!!’
His reply? ‘Hahaha still as vicious with your words’. Me: ‘well have to protect myself don’t I?’

After dinner, went to a pub near by, had a few drinks and then we went our separate ways. Apart from all the catching up we did, it didn’t feel like I had been almost 3years since we had last seen each other.

After this it’ll probably be a few more years (if even that) before we see each other again.


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