The One Where I Lose My Weekdays

After years of just being a part-timer, a part-time sales advisor, a student, an unemployed graduate, I am now about to embark on the road of being a full-time salary worker. I’ve been a weekend part-time for the last 6/7years [yea I started working pretty early on], and I’ve gotten so used to having weekdays free. I love shopping on weekdays as there isn’t as much people around but now I’ll have to do my shopping on weekends when all the other salary workers are free as well as the school/college/uni kids!! ARRRGGGGGG

Ideally I didn’t want to become one so soon, I had [and still plan to one day] work aboard [had planned to teach english in a foreign country]. I haven’t forgotten about it but I’ve just delayed it or I suppose you can say I’ve decided to follow my head rather than my heart and do the right thing in times of recession and clung on to an opportunity when it came. I’ve been looking for a full-time salary job since I graduated [for about a year now] but I’ve had no luck [a few interviews but nothing further].

I had originally planned to go for the teaching aboard program during mid spring/start of summer, but a turn of events prevented me and I felt that I shouldn’t go for it again for a least another year, and that year still wouldn’t come to an end for another six months. So now that a good opportunity has come I saw no realistic reason as to why I shouldn’t go for it or reject it.

Well I suppose now we shall see how the year 2010 plans out to be and what will be there for me in 2011.


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