Shinee, Do They Really Shine?

In my eyes no they do not, not by the quality of their songs at least. I think the only song I ever liked from Shinee was ‘Reply’ aka Noona You’re so Pretty. After that all other songs sounded just like each other.

Then came ‘Ring Ding Dong’, Oh my Dayz!!!! [I’m going to expect some hate with this comment] But in my opinion the song is TRASH!!! I have never heard anything so crap before, especially from an Idol group!!! Yet they still win the Number 1 spot on some music shows….. Its like a pop version of a song Shaggy rejected!!! [Shaggy as in the Reggae singer/rapper]

What has the korean music industry become???? Are SM Ent so confident in Shinee that they can release trash and still make it a hit??? Of course the must be, it happened didn’t it!!!

Are SM now considering pushing Shinee up to the top now that DBSK are soon to split [its a rumor]?? Well if they are I don’t think they can carry on like this, giving Shinee crap songs to sing, it is a waste with a vocal like Kim Jong Hyun [he is the only one in Shinee I think can actually sing, I don’t like the rest].

Ok, no stupid comments please.



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9 thoughts on “Shinee, Do They Really Shine?

  1. NO!!!!! your being unfair with them ther song are realy great and they can’t be hit if they are bad people are not stupid to love bad song ,you have to think again about what you had written

    1. I know I’m being unfair, I just really hate the song! Again in my opinion its just oh so bad!. People are that ‘stupid’ well I wouldn’t use that word but to me it feels just like a popularity contest: “what ever my idol release I shall buy”. The quality of the music is just not matching the surprising success of the song.
      I had never set out to give an unbiased opinion, its so completely hating on the song. I do like a few of the Shinee members from what I have seen of them on varity shows, but there have been songs that are much more worthy for the number.1 spots on these music shows. Well I guess as long as you have a massive fanbase that is all that matters.

    1. yeah that is tottaly right they deserve better couse they are relly great (thanks for that kiseki)

      and aboundlesslimit you stell being unfire with them ,omeon they are tottaly great and they have arelly relly good songs I’m not saying all of them but I’m not saying all of them bad ,I know u saed that reaply was good but comeon it’s not the onlly one .They deserve being hit and evry boday get his chanse .

      1. Well I do stress that it is in my opinion as I do realise that other people see differently, hence why I say the post is completely biased as I do not give the other side of the story [such as people like yourself who like their songs]. There are people out there who won’t like everything that you like, so think about that before you say I am being unfair or that I am wrong. There many be an artist or a group that I like and you hate but I will never say you are unfair or wrong.

  2. you right I’m with u in this, I respect your mind and what you love and hate so don’t get mad at me about what I wrote .

    so frined? 🙂

  3. i agree and also disagree..well, i already hear their song..yes, they deserves something better..but, yes the song that I liked from them only Romantic, and Noona, you’re so pretty..I can see that SM tried to make them become like DBSK but I know and we all know that it’s very impossible..but, you’s not very nice to say that harsh..but, i understand your feelings..really really know..just try not so harsh..

    1. I suppose I could have sugar-coated the words but that just isn’t me, I would say the same thing live in person as I would write it. Thats what a blog is for, expression of words/feelings/etc.

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