Almost Had An Heart Attack!!

I swear the first time I ever heard about this news was TODAY!!!! I read it and couldn’t stop coughing and it led to me almost having a heart attack!!!

I had read this:


I LOVEEEEEEE the manga one of my favorites!! Then it gets turnt into a live-action but whats worse is that they pick such crap and not goot looking people to be in it!!! Ok so I don’t really know who the girl is so i’m not going to comment on her.

Calvin and Aaron from Fahrenheit [taiwan idol group] as the male LEADS!! You have got to be kidding me!!!!! Thats what made me going into a coughing fit and almost have an heart attack!!!

Calvin is no way near enough cool or good looking [I know I know thats quite a shallow comment] to play ‘Daiya’.

Aaron ok he somewhat looks he could play ‘Ichi’ but he isn’t cool enough either!!  He hasn’t got that cold edge to play Ichi.

Also both are incredibly crap actors!!! They’re not good at singing but worse at acting!!!

ARRRRGGGGGG I SO HATE IT!!!! I know it was be a crap drama!!! Don’t say that crap about you shouldn’t judge before you’ve watched it!!! TRUST ME I’m good at these things!!! When it comes out and you think its good its only because you were a fan of Fahrenheit and you’re deluded by fangirl-ism LOL

You could say the same about me disliking them before hand but I’m quite unbiased [well I like to think that I am].



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